Fruit Salad.

My teenagers are on summer holiday which does not bode well for blogging. The noise levels have rocketed. As I write, Teenage Son is testing how loudly he can play the electric guitar before things begin to vibrate and fall off the walls.

I’ve been nursing an ear infection and spent most of the long weekend lying under a blanket watching TV and sleeping. The rain battering the window eased my guilt about all the gardening jobs that I wasn’t getting done. Husband did make some excellent chicken soup yesterday. It really works, doesn’t it? Does anyone know why boiled up chicken bones have magical healing powers?

My favourite film of the weekend was Quartet. It’s just beautiful. Maggie Smith takes some beating but I thought Pauline Collins stole the show. I cried, more than once, and the photos over the end credits are simply heart-breaking.

I’ve come up with this immunity-boosting dessert. It hardly deserves to be called a recipe.fruit salad

Chop up a punnet of apricots, removing the stones. Add a punnet of blueberries. Squeeze over the juice of half a lime and add a tablespoon of honey. Add two or three leaves of sweet geranium. Mix it all up and leave to macerate for and hour or two. Serve with Greek yogurt. Try it, it’s very good.


The sweet geranium is the magic ingredient which really does make it taste as if you did something more than just put fruit in a bowl. The leaves also make a great addition to stewed fruit. Pelargonium graveolens is the correct name. It’s not all that common in garden centres but, if you can but source it once, you’ll be able to propogate it with ridiculous ease. Here is my parent plant which flourished all winter on the bathroom windowsill.


I pruned it back hard at the end of winter and stuck some of the clippings into pots of compost. That is, literally, all you have to do.


Both parent and babies would be doing alot better if the flipping rain would stop. I’m sure that goes for the humans around here too.

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