Elderflower Cordial and Curd.

The curtain of rain has been pulled back and summer has finally arrived. Bliss.

I was running my maternal taxi service yesterday when I found I had parked under an elderflower bush in full bloom. I grabbed a shopping bag and filled it with blooms and then came home to play potions. Darina Allen’s Ballymaloe Cookery Course (my culinary bible) was searched and I found I had enough blooms and lemons to make both cordial and curd. (There are dozens of recipes online)IMG_4646

I had never before managed to combine the enthusiasm to make lemon curd with the availability of elderflowers. I was surprised to read that the tiny flowers must be stripped from the blooms and added with the sugar. Darina Allen suggests the use of a fork but I thought that small fingers would work even better. This is work for fairies. IMG_4649

Teenage Daughter took over the cordial and even whisked up a batch of meringues. Over-looking the stipple dash of meringue on my curtains, the afternoon was a sweetly scented success.

We had heavenly gooey meringues with whipped cream and a large dollop of elderflower curd for dessert last night. Scrumptious.IMG_4657

The lighting here made the curd look like a slick of mashed banana. Presentation may not be my strongest suit but this was one of the best desserts I’ve ever eaten.IMG_4658

We strained the cordial this morning and had it in the garden at lunchtime. We had cheese and pickle sandwiches made with decent (Cuthberts) white bread. I spread a picnic blanket for the girls and sliced up a melon. I pulled my chair right up to the flower bed so that I could almost watch the poppies opening. I pressed back the cover of a new book.  Summer.IMG_4665

Let me know that I'm not talking to the wall...

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