Everything changes when the sun shines. The world has slowed down and come slightly more into focus.

The smells; cut grass in the morning, barbecue smoke in the late afternoon.

The sounds; bees and lawnmowers in the morning, fire-brigade in the evening (just kidding).

The feeling; not cold.

Before anyone else was awake, I brought in some flowers and quietly arranged them while sipping coffee.IMG_4684

I  put up the tent thingy that I made out of old curtains. I’m quite proud of this as it turns our rickety old swing set into a split-level villa. Yes, playing house again.IMG_4679

I washed a gazillion green-fly off my lupins. IMG_4691

The ladybirds are feasting but they just can’t eat fast enough.IMG_4692

I discovered the very first ripe berry. There was only one. I gobbled it up. The sweet tang of a stolen pleasure.IMG_4694

I pressed gooseberries between my thumb and forefinger to gauge their ripeness. I can’t tell, maybe tomorrow if this sun keeps up.IMG_4693

I brought Charlie for a walk and was rewarded with this bounty. I got nettled and thorn-pricked for my efforts. Note to self; wear long trousers when raiding hedgerows.IMG_4701

When I came in to write this, I left these ingredients on the counter.IMG_4687

I’m just going to pop my head out now and, politely, ask the teenagers to clean their rooms. Nothing motivates like pizza.

I hope life feels this sweet wherever you are.

Let me know that I'm not talking to the wall...

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