Cushion covers, sultanabun-style.

Favourite blogs are about as difficult to fix on as favourite books and favourite songs. My favourite blog, I think, is still the very first one I read. Teenage Daughter had asked for a crochet set for Christmas and she and I were struggling to get beyond a very long chain. A crafty friend pointed me towards the fabulous Lucy at Attic24. This lovely woman is so talented, so generous and so very honest that I was utterly charmed.

This morning I read Lucy’s crochet-cushion tutorial. Her solution to the eternal but-how-will-I-fasten-it-closed dilemma was, as usual, simple and ingenious. I was inspired to share with you my own button solution for cushions. I was, not unusually, driven by frugality and laziness. I do believe that, as far as cushion-making is concerned, this is as cheap and easy as you can go.

My Lidl sew-ing machine is banjaxed so I cannot actually give you a Lucy-style demo but, trust me, you don’t need one.

  • Basically, you take one collar-frayed shirt, iron it, button it up and turn it inside-out.
  • Now, lay it flat and place your cushion on top. With a ruler and pencil, mark an outline of the cushion on your shirt. Cut it out. Sew up all four sides.
  • Wiggle your fingers inside the buttons to open them up and turn the completed cushion cover right side out. Voila. IMG_4714

You can get imaginative with the front. IMG_4709

It’s the lovely, perfect buttons that matter. IMG_4710

Sometimes, as I’m ironing Husband’s shirts, I’m thinking I should get a picture of Paul Newman to look at while I’m working.IMG_4712

Other times, I’m pressing that crisp cotton and thinking, ‘Hello, Mr. Shirt, allow me to introduce Mr. Scissors’.kenneth-branagh-dead021

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