People Are Nice.

A couple of weeks ago I passed a ‘shop-and-save’ voucher to the woman behind me at the supermarket checkout. I hadn’t reached the minimum spend required to use it and she had a full trolley. The gesture cost me nothing and took  20 Euros off her bill. That felt great.
In the supermarket this morning, I was delighted to find that the not-entirely-genuine, Croc-like shoes were reduced. I was elbow-deep in the basket searching for Small Girl’s size when a lady tapped my shoulder and asked if I’d like her voucher because she wasn’t buying enough to use it. I was dumbfounded by her generosity and by the coincidence. That felt really great.
So buoyed up was I, that I decided to march directly to the bookshop and purchase a brand new, first-hand, hot-off-the-press book. I used to do that all the time but, you know, four children cost a ton of money. Four children cost a ton of books. It turned out that the bookshop had an excellent buy-one-get-one-halfprice offer so, obviously, I bought two. I’ve been itching to buy both of these for the last month.


I’m going to write notes inside the covers of these books to remind me that they were bought on the strength of a random act of kindness. People are nice.
Meanwhile, I’m halfway through this.


I am spellbound.

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