Gooseberry And Elderflower Compote With Labne.

Mum’s Taxi service brought my car right back to that elderflower tree again. I embarrassed Teenage Son (again) by jumping out to pick blossoms and brought them home for some more experimentation.

One of our three gooseberry bushes was ripe for the picking so I decided to try Darina Allen’s recipe for gooseberry and elderflower compote. You can find the recipe hereIMG_4737

Picking, topping and tailing the gooseberries was time-consuming but soothing work.IMG_4739

I couldn’t find muslin so I just threw the blossoms straight into the syrup. Only one tiny flower fell off when I removed them. IMG_4742

Watching the gooseberries burst was exceedingly satisfying.IMG_4743

The finished compote seemed a bit runny but the taste is wonderful. Middle Daughter (her choice of codename!), aged 10, declared the flavours, ‘perfectly balanced’. To me, it tastes of apple drops. This recipe made five jars and each jar is enough for a small weekday dessert for our family of six. IMG_4745

I put some Greek-style yogurt in a lined sieve to drain for a few hours.IMG_4740

IMG_4741The resulting clean, creamy, labne is one of my favourite substances in the world. This was a match made in heaven.IMG_4765

My postman delivered this enormous package.IMG_4764

I knew exactly what was in it but refrained from opening it until after dinner. It just sat there, making me happy, all day long. Just look at this gorgeous, beribboned gauze sack. This is the Attic24 Cosy Stripe Blanket pack. IMG_4771

Look at the colours! IMG_4775

I’m trying to be disciplined and get my works-in-progress finished first but, oh my, I can’t wait to start this!

Finally, my David Austen roses are showing their colours. This is my first Graham Thomas. IMG_4750

It’s the perfect neighbour to the gorgeously scented Gertrude Jekyll. So beautiful.IMG_4752

And now, I have to go put  another coat of paint on the bathroom floor, sigh.

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