Hexaflexagon Burritos.

Well, there’s a blog post title that I wouldn’t have predicted. This is what happens when your teenage children are off school. Here is what we made.IMG_4788

This and an almighty mess.

Before lunch, teenage son taught us all how to make paper hexaflexagons. You might like to look at this tutorial. It’s a fun one. You need a strip of paper which you fold into triangles.IMG_4790

Then, with some more nifty folding you get a flat hexagonal shape. Teenage son marked the sides with crayon as he went.IMG_4791

You can refold and flip this to give two more blank white faces.IMG_4793

IMG_4794It gets confusing because you keep re-folding until you have marked a total of six different flat faces.IMG_4796

IMG_4797IMG_4798IMG_4799Do you get the jist of it? It’s a bit mind-bending. My Middle Daughter brought one of these into school today and her class was wildly impressed. That’s a win even before we get to the food part.

Taking a tortilla, you repeat the same process. There’s a totally serious tutorial for these too.IMG_4781

This time, instead of crayon, you use chilli sauce,IMG_4782

do some folding to make it disappear,

add salami (see, it’s tucked away inside the fold)IMG_4785

and cheese.IMG_4786

You fold it into a very convenient shape and you gobble it up.IMG_4787

IMG_4788Then, if you are a sixteen-year-old boy, you make a much bigger but less aesthetically pleasing burrito and you gobble that up too.IMG_4789Poor Charlie, in the background, is in utter despair at the way we play with our food.

PS. I’ve been feeling a bit like Shirley Valentine (talking to the wall) so thank-you for the comments. It’s nice to know there is someone out there. Special thanks to thegreyeye for all the ‘likes’.

2 thoughts on “Hexaflexagon Burritos.

  1. not a blogging native Shirley, didn’t realise blogs were up for comment – yet to have training from teenage boys, know any……. What woul;d Shirley have done had the wall spoken back I wonder, and would it have said, “I no want **** you” ??


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