The Shortest Night.

Mid-summer. The peak of the year. Light and then more light. I hardly put my shoes on for the whole weekend.

We had a little celebratory dinner.

Mixed greens.IMG_4826

New potatoes.IMG_4831

Steaks, seasoned and anointed with oil.IMG_4830


Gooseberry crumble. (Replace rhubarb with gooseberries in this recipe)IMG_4870

We sat out watching the sky stay bright.




11.30pm. That’s Venus above, the moon below.IMG_4848

6.45am. Bright again and a raft of new poppies.IMG_4854

In between all the sky-gazing, work continued on the bathroom spuce-up. Two steps forward, one step back. There is a light fitting that is stubbornly refusing to function. It’s all well and good showering by the light of the Velux window at this time of year but it might get tricky finding the soap come October. I can’t always define when a project turns into a saga but we are fast approaching that point.

I did get one little project completed. I was too busy getting started on this to take any before photos. Imagine a very old, paint-speckled, rusty-legged and slightly wobbly stool. Now, take some Rico Creative Cotton, a crochet hook, a tin of spray paint, some new rubber feet and some knicker elastic. It’s still slightly wobbly but otherwise….IMG_4876..Ta-daaah:IMG_4872

… pretty! I’m delighted with it. I winged it on the crochet cover. I just made it as if it were a giant hat. I made a flat circle, all trebles, until it was big enough to cover the top, then stopped increasing and continued the sides, straight, until I could tuck under the seat. (Attic24 flat circle tutorial here)

I used the end of the paint tin to have a go at some graffiti. A pink message to husband on the inside of the garden shed (not telling!). What a rebel.

Let me know that I'm not talking to the wall...

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