How To Make A New Bathroom Look Old.

Our bathroom is in the, newly converted, attic of our early 1960s bungalow. As with the rest of the house, my aim has been to make it seem a little older than 1960s. Contrary to all TV home-decor advice, I have no desire for a bathroom that looks like it belongs in a luxury hotel. We have employed two approaches to mak-ing new things look old. The first is obvious; let four children, a dog and time take effect. The second involves buckets and buckets of white paint……….

I’ve had these door handles tucked away in a drawer for four years.IMG_4914

The print was carried home from a magical holiday in Sorrento in 1996. We stayed in a marble-floored pensione that was neatly tucked between the train tracks and a morgue. We drank our first limoncello and ate our first tiramisu and stayed up all night singing Don mcClean songs. IMG_4915

View to the left:IMG_4903

The cabinet was Husband’s childhood wardrobe. He fitted it with shelves and drilled a hole in the back so that our electric toothbrushes are hidden inside. He’s pretty nifty. Husband also made the step for Small Girl. He cut it from one of the fifty-year-old leylandii trees we had excavated, at ruinous expense, from the garden. This may be the most costly toddler step in history.

The plant is Geranium tomentosum; it smells deliciously of mint-choc. I have succeeded in growing a couple of cuttings; any takers?IMG_4924IMG_4920

The print just visible above the toilet is the front page of a mock newspaper, made for us by our Best Man, which was distributed at our wedding.IMG_4898A sultanabun original.

View to the right:IMG_4899

A friend who quilts gave me a sack of unwanted fabric scraps. I couldn’t believe my luck when I pulled out two yards of curtain material. The ‘curtain pole’ was bought last week with the intention of netting the currant bushes. The dolphin mobile was bought for Teenage Boy’s first room. He has grown out of it, I haven’t.IMG_4902The shell shadow-box came together in the end. I love it.

The Cormac Boydell ceramic was a wedding present. It had pride of place inside the door of our old house until I came home one day and found it in pieces on the floor. An unsolved mystery. I gathered up the gold-trimmed fragments and held on to them with the intention of making a wall mosaic or bird bath. On Sunday, I glued and taped and placed it here. If only I had some gold powder and some know-how I could try a Kintsugi effect. I think it would be wonderful.IMG_4931 A bit of wear and tear really can make things more beautiful.

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