The Most Irish Of Dinners.

Last year, we grew accidental potatoes. They grew from kitchen scraps in our compost heap. They were perfectly fine, but fairly boring, red roosters. This year, we took a more deliberate approach. Our first Early Maris were harvested today. Oh, the excitement! The smaller the spud, the more they squealed.IMG_5022

A plate of these, boiled and generously bathed in butter, would have been a fine dinner but we went the whole hog.

Ham, boiled first and then glazed with honey and brown sugar.IMG_5024

Green cabbage, washed, sliced, braised gently in a pan and coated with butter.IMG_5023

Young carrots, sliced, boiled and coated with butter.IMG_5025

Not a word about all the butter, this was delicious. It’s just not possible to describe the taste of a freshly unearthed new potato. It has that umami yumminess. It is deeply satisfying. It’s as if the whole body has a taste and reacts with a shiver and ‘ooh, yes, I could live on this’.IMG_5027Husband’s genius birthday gift is still giving:

IMG_5007 David Austen, Munstead Wood.IMG_5008David Austen, Crown Princess Margareta.

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