Gooseberry Jam, Redcurrant Jelly, Yummy Meatballs and Charlie’s Birthday.

My life is very small. Most days I move from kitchen to garden and back to kitchen. I might drive a child to training or a party but that really only means a move to the car and back. Kitchen-garden-car-kitchen. There are certainly days when I get bored. There are days when life seems like a treadmill. Dishwasher-washingmachine-clothesline-dishwasher.

And then, there are days like yesterday, when I feel very fortunate indeed.

I pulled a chair up to the last gooseberry bush and picked and topped and tailed while Charlie snoozed at my feet.IMG_5028

Aren’t they gorgeous?IMG_5029

My constant companion.IMG_5031

I took down this, highly aspirational, book. I wish that I cooked more from this book but you have to be in the right mood for it.IMG_5043

The recipe I used is available hereIMG_5038

I enlisted help to pick the redcurrants.IMG_5035

IMG_5044Back to Darina for a recipe for redcurrant jelly. The same recipe is available hereIMG_5041

It’s an amazing colour.IMG_5045

I got just one and a half jars. IMG_5048

IMG_5049Back to the garden for peas and broad beans. The girls did the podding.IMG_5056

I made broth by simmering six frozen chicken carcasses in ham stock along with a lots of herbs, star anise and peapods. Looks delicious, right? Just you wait.IMG_5054

I made pork meatballs with fresh sage, oregano and fennel. I’d fried bacon at lunchtime and kept the pan just to fry the meatballs in it. I cooked some noodles and the veg in the broth. I threw in a handful of chopped chard at the last minute. This was one of those dinners that will never be made the same again. It was totally yummy.IMG_5058

Lemon shortcake biscuits (recipe here) with leftover redcurrant pulp and thick yogurt. A bit seedy but no-one complained.IMG_5061

It was Charlie’s birthday so we gave him a huge bone. He is one year old.IMG_5059

Teenage Daughter bought him a bandana.IMG_5066

My life is small but very good.

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