Tired Friday.

IMG_5073Teenage Daughter had a posse of friends for a sleepover last night. Sleepover is exactly the wrong word. They stayed up all night watching Jaws and playing Buckaroo.

She made these stunning meringues for her guests (using this recipe).IMG_5072

Small Girl slept in my bed. Her first words to me on waking this morning were, ‘You need to go back to Mummy-school’.


‘You don’t even know how to play rock, paper, scissors’.

She was correct on that but do my children actually spend their sleeping hours assessing my short-comings? sigh.IMG_5074

A while ago I was gazing delightedly at my, admittedly faint, summer-sandal-tan-lines.

‘Look, I’m getting a tan!’, I declared to my assembled offspring.

‘Mum’, scoffed Teenage Son, ‘You are not getting a tan. You are transitioning from Cashel Blue to a mild Cheddar.

He, also, was correct. sigh.

Good news in the form of another, stolen, giant poppy about to emerge.IMG_5075

Husband received a gift of a bottle of wine yesterday, from a colleague who lives in France. The bottle was delivered with a detailed message telling us to let it rest for at least a month since the journey from France will have upset it. Hah! It is unlikely to see sundown.

Let me know that I'm not talking to the wall...

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