Frozen Blackcurrant Meringue Cake.

Afer eating this cake we decided to dump our plans for a bed of asparagus and plant five new blackcurrant bushes instead. Teenage Daughter said that may have been the best idea I ever had (not a fan of asparagus). Blackcurrants are now believed to be the most anti-oxidant rich berry so we are going to start making our own Ribena, watch this space.IMG_5083

This is a variation on Rachel Allen’s strawberry version, which you can find here. We loved the strawberry cake and have also had great success with lemon curd but this is even better.

I adjusted the quantities slightly downwards as I only had one bowlful of blackcurrants to work with. These quantities made 9 portions.


10 meringues (we made them using the Rachel Allen recipe above but I guess you could try with shop-bought).

400ml cream.

For the blackcurrant sauce:

160g blackcurrants, stalks removed.

130g sugar.

160ml water.

1 leaf of sweet geranium (Pelargonium graveolens, optional)

First, make the blackcurrant sauce:

Make a syrup by dissolving the sugar in the water over a medium heat.

Add the blackcurrants and the sweet geranium leaf and bring to the boil.

Boil for five minutes and then strain through a nylon sieve, squeezing out all the juice. IMG_5076

(now, spread a spoonful of the warm leftover pulp on top of a dark chocolate digestive and enjoy with a cup of coffee while the syrup cools)

When the syrup has cooled, keep 60 mls aside to make a pouring sauce. I brought the 60 up to 100mls with cold water because I thought it was too thick. (I’m considering replacing the cold water with creme de cassis, or maybe even whiskey. I’ll let you know how that goes!)

Line a cake tin with cling film. Leave an overhang of cling film which you will close over the top. Try to keep the cling film as smooth as possible because it can be a bit tricky to remove (speaking from experience). I used a 20cm square tin this time. Last time I used a 1 litre pyrex bowl.

Whip the cream.

Break up the meringues into pieces about the size of an apricot.

Fold the broken meringues and blackcurrant sauce, gently, into the cream. The sauce doesn’t need to be mixed in completely. You can leave it a nice rippled effect.

Spread the lot over your lined tin and freeze overnight.IMG_5078

To serve, turn the cake unto a plate and remove all the cling film. I had great plans to decorate with rose petals and blackcurrants but our day got crazy so this is what happened. (Thanks Husband, for ensuring that we didn’t forget to eat the cake.)IMG_5081

It looked pretty with just a drizzle of the reserved pouring sauce. IMG_5084

If I was a proper housewife I would aim to have one of these on stand-by in the freezer at all times. Who am I kidding? The kids would eat it and leave the cake tin filled with fishfingers.

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