These Are The Days.

IMG_5380Small Girl turned four yesterday. We had a quiet celebration, just the family, but that didn’t stop us pulling out all the stops when it came to the cake. IMG_5376

I made a batch of chocolate sponge and divided it between one 8″ tin, one 5″ tin and two cupcake cases.  When they were cooked, I cut a Euro coin-sized hole in the centre of each cake. I stuck them all on top of each other with gooseberry jam. I then wrapped Cinderella’s legs in cling-film and stuck her in. It took every ounce of my creative ability turn a packet of roll-out icing into a skirt. There are lots of gorgeous examples on Pinterest. They are all WAY beyond my capabilities so I just made it up as I went along.IMG_5378

The gorgeous bustle was not in the plan. I made a hames of the back on my first attempt and had to cover up the mess somehow. Both Small Girl and I were satisfied with the result.

Teenage, Middle and Small Girl spent four messy hours making these Cinderella-themed cookies. Their favourite was Humphrey the pony. Can you spot him? His mane was made from left-over chocolate sponge. They laughed lots and the cookies were (surprisingly!) delicious.IMG_5383

Small girl was given a set of markers so that she can be like Brigid from Purple, Yellow, Green (by Robert Munsch). It is one of my absolute favourite stories. Mind you, I did not buy super-indelible-never-come-off-until-you-are-dead-and-maybe-even-later markers. I bought the ones with a great big WASHABLE label on them.

Her main present was this sweet (vanilla-scented!) doll. I should probably confess that I wanted her for myself. Small Girl has named her Elizabeth.IMG_5398

We spent today making new clothes for Jolina (Middle Girl’s doll) and Elizabeth out of Small Girl’s baby dresses. It’s really not easy; my brain is fried from trying to figure these out! I need to search for patterns, does anyone out there have any tips?IMG_5408

Middle Girl made the flowery hairband for Jolina by sizing down one of her own. She also made this cute handbag. I was very impressed. IMG_5409

We made matching skirts for the sister dolls but I think we should let you guess where we scavenged the fabric. IMG_5410

I spent the entire day at the kitchen table. All four of my children came and went in turns. They stayed a while to help with the dress-making and drifted away again to walk the dog or tune a ukelele or make mint tea. Finally, they all sat down to draw silly pictures with the new markers. They helped Small Girl write her name and taught her how to draw scary monsters. They have, finally, found the summer holiday rhythm. They have remembered how to play. When Teenage Son and Daughter were little, every day was like today. Now, these days are a special treat and, every time it happens, I wonder if it’s the last. These are the days that give my life meaning and I’m not at all sure what I will do without them.

4 thoughts on “These Are The Days.

  1. Oh yes I feel exactly the same as you, my two are both teenagers now and the together times are so precious.
    I made your blackcurrant frozen meringue cake at the weekend – delicious, thank you!
    Not sure however, whether I now want to read Go Set a Watchman. I think I may prefer to leave the lovely Atticus on his pedestal, although I doubt that I will resist temptation for long having only recently reread mockingbird to keep my son company during his GCSE revision. It was even better than I remembered from my own teenage reading and of course at that point I was too young to fall for Atticus in quite the same way as a 40+ mother of two!!

    Thanks for a great read,

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