Small and sweet projects.

It has been another easy-going stay-at-home day. It’s still raining.

Whitecurrants were harvested.IMG_5456

They are a bit odd when you look at them close-up. Alien eyeballs come to mind.IMG_5458

I made whitecurrant jelly using the same recipe that I used for the redcurrants. You can find that recipe here. I had never tasted whitecurrant jelly before. I found it less tart and more perfumed than the redcurrant version. It tastes a lot like gooseberry jam. I’ve read that it’s good with cream cheese. Anyone out there have other suggestions?IMG_5459

I also made a bowl of sweet geranium-scented fruit jelly, as in jelly and ice-cream. When we had lunch in Ballymaloe House (pre-recession!) the very best thing on the sweet trolley was the homemade jelly. I have high hopes for this! Turns out if you mix white and blackcurrant syrup you get pink(ish). I can’t wait to try this after dinner. IMG_5461

Elizabeth and Jolina have been expanding their wardrobe. I was more than a little chuffed with this cute, reversible wrap-around skirt. IMG_5469IMG_5468IMG_5467

I think this picture best shows how it is constructed. I would really like to try making one of these for myself. I’ve made lots of curtains and a few dresses for Small Girl but I’ve never made a proper garment for myself from scratch. I’m too scared of buttons and zips. Any suggestions for easy patterns?IMG_5471

One of Small Girl’s baby shirts was cut up to make these pyjamas for Elizabeth and nightdress for Jolina. IMG_5473

I was particularly pleased with the pyjama pants which were made out of the little shirt sleeve. I managed to use the existing buttons/buttonholes to fasten the top. The crocheted bodice of Jolina’s dress saw me through Episode 3 of Star Wars. We are watching one Star Wars movie a week in preparation for the new one. Thank God we have finished 1,2 and 3. I’m ready for Hans Solo.

Teenage Daughter got a bit creative on this photo shoot.IMG_5476

That’s it though, I’ve had enough of teeny-weeny clothes-stitching. I felt like one of the shoemaker’s elves. Back to my great big cosy blanket.

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