The Martian. Andy Weir.

IMG_5576Excuse my weak sense of humour; I photographed the book in my potato patch.

It’s a brilliant, shiny, all-action, funny book. If you put Robinson Crusoe, Die Hard, Home Alone, MacGyver and Apollo13 into a blender you might come up with something like this. I’ve no idea how accurate the science is and I don’t care.

Nerdy Teenage Son read it in six hours and loved it. He passed it to me and I finished it in a day. Husband has just started and I don’t expect to hear from him until he’s finished.

Once you get on board this roller-coaster, it’s impossible to get off so, clear the decks, fill a flask of coffee and enjoy.

4 thoughts on “The Martian. Andy Weir.

  1. This was one of my favourite books from last year. I read it in two days and missed out on a lot of sleep I needed to finish it. I have been trying to persuade everyone I know to read it. My husband, who hasn’t read a book in years (he just about finds time to read The Economist), is patiently making his way through it and enjoying it immensely.

    A brilliant book! 🙂


      1. I thought it was ok. But it certainly wasn’t as good as the book. I was particularly annoyed they cut the drama of his final voyage to the vehicle to get him off the planet. The bit in the book when the rover flipped over! I think my heart stopped!

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