How To Keep Your Sanity In Galway.

Five days in Galway and we have had torrential rain broken only by intermittant drizzle and spiced up by gale force winds.


We frog-marched the family up the promenade last night only to watch Teenage Daughter’s ice-cream get blown off her cone. That’s a first. We’ve been to the museum (‘it’s alright’), the aquarium (‘it’s very good’) and the swimming pool (twice). We’ve read A LOT of books and even had a draughts (checkers) championship.


Guess who won.
Ice-cream malfunction aside, food (and Charlie Byrne’s) has been our greatest consolation. The streets of Galway are lined, cheek by jowl, with purveyors of fine food.
Sheridans is cheesie heaven. They offer a three tier cheese wedding cake for which I would consider a second marriage.

I happened across Griffin’s Conger sourdough on our first day and we haven’t looked back.

I guess the loaf is about the size of a conger eel and the staff cut off a piece to suit you. Genius.


The outright winner has been Dough Bros Pizza. These guys have a wood-fired oven at the back of a small, pretty basic shop.


The furnishings seem to be a mix of upcycled, recycled and borrowed from their Granny’s dining room. The pizzas, served on brown bags, were smoky, charred, proper and utterly scrumptious.




There was only one option for dessert; a Double Decker chocolate bar wrapped in dough and baked in the oven. Who could resist? Oh my, this was twice as good as it looks.


Salty, chewy dough around stretchy nougat, crispy bits and melty chocolate.
I haven’t seen my family so happy since the day the puppy arrived.

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