This Is Not A Recipe.

My weighing scales is pointing to an ever higher number whilst my blog stats are plummeting. I don’t have the solution to either problem. Perhaps a lengthy series of posts on salads??

I certainly couldn’t beat the zero-gravity lettuce eaten, for the first time, on the International Space Station today (read more here). I was sort of surprised that they hadn’t tried growing something before now. Surely a few sprouted cress seeds would have been a great addition to the space-sandwiches. It would have been very high on my list of priorities but then, I think about food almost continuously. I think for a short while about what I have just eaten and then move directly to thinking about what I might eat next.

I had the most ridiculously delicious lunch today. We had (welcome) visitors yesterday. We were ten for dinner which just fills up our kitchen table nicely and is close to the limit I can manage for a sit-down meal. I marinated chicken pieces in lemon, rosemary, garlic, honey, olive oil and vermouth. Owing to a slight excess of Prosecco the chicken was over-cooked (caramelised, we like to say) but very tasty. A big tray of roast veg (beetroot, carrots, red onion, olive oil, balsamic vinegar) went into the oven with the chicken. A pan of greens (broccoli, kale, butter) was steamed on the hob. A pot of brown rice served to mop up the rainbow of juices.

It was all very nice and I’m always proud of myself when I manage to feed a crowd. We were all too merry and too busy discussing food we have eaten and food we have yet to eat (like-minded people) to take any photos. There were small amounts of everything leftover. They really might all have gone to the dog but I was already thinking forward to the next meal……….IMG_5774

All mushed up together in a fry-ing pan with a few chickpeas and a dollop of Greek yogurt. This was comfort food at its most, ermmmm, pink. I ran out to the garden at the last minute for a few mizuna leaves and a nasturtium so; it’s a salad. Now, what’s next?

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