At The Kitchen Table.

IMG_5900When the Biggies were at school, the Small Girl and I spent many happy mornings just mooching at the kitchen table. She loves jigsaws and board games so that’s mostly what we did. Over the summer holidays I’ve sent her off to play with the others and, while the bit of head space was a relief, I’ve missed her company. IMG_5908

This week she has joined me again at the kitchen table to help and entertain me whilst the teenagers slept. (Is there no limit to how long a teenager will sleep?)IMG_5861

We collected lots of sea glass at the beach last week. It’s wonderful to handle and seems to look beautiful in any arrangement.IMG_5873IMG_5862IMG_5864

IMG_5866Teenage Son is demanding credit for his giraffe.

We cut some herbs for drying. Small Girl is to be a flower-girl at an up-coming wedding so she rehearsed by parading up and down the kitchen with a bouquet of oregano. IMG_5895

IMG_5897IMG_5905The nigella (love-in-a-mist) seed pods are a mystery to me. I hung them up to dry but I don’t really know whether I can use the seeds in cooking. Anyone out there know more?

Small Girl drew her very first pictures of people this week. Look, I have wings;IMG_5956

I had an idea in the middle of the night. Is it that brilliant ideas only come in the middle of the night or is it that I think all ideas that come in the middle of the night are brilliant? Either way, I decided it would be the work of mere moments to design a cross-stitch banner for the blog. Easy Peasy.

Am I nuts? I should tell you that I have never designed any kind of cross-stitch. Four hours of scaling up, counting squares, scaling down again, sellotaping pages, drawing crosses and rubbing them out again, children laughing, children helping, children despairing at their mother’s daft whims……..IMG_5955

Well, it’s a start. If it works out, you will be the first to know.

5 thoughts on “At The Kitchen Table.

  1. Your sea glass collages are fabulous. What a fun idea. I collected sea glass with my kids when we returned to Scotland recently. I used to collect it when I was a kid and I loved seeing my kids getting obsessed with finding it too. My plan is to find a nice glass vase or small bowl to put the pieces in so that there will be a small collection from Fife in our American home.


    1. That’s a good plan. It will be nice to have memories of home and beach days. I always think that sort of seeking/collecting activity satisfies some innate foraging instinct instinct. I have a theory that this is also the reason women like shopping!

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      1. You might be on to something there. I personally don’t like shopping but I am a bit of a collector. My boys never go anywhere without shoving pebbles, sticks and shells in their pockets so I should not have been surprised that they loved seeking out all the sea glass. Finding a blue or red piece had them squealing as if they had just found gold.

        Liked by 1 person

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