Say Yes.

I get tired of saying No.

I’m a moderately disciplined person. I make my bed before I come downstairs. I put on the washing machine before I eat my breakfast. I pull the weeds before I pick the flowers.

I say No to myself all day long.

Will I have toast and butter instead of muesli? No.
Will I take a day off from cooking and order in? No.
Will I go to Brown Thomas and splurge at the Clarins counter? No.

I say No to Husband.

Will we stay up too late watching 80s music on YouTube? No.
Will we go to one of those chamber music concerts that you used to like? No.

I say No to my children.

Will we have homemade lasagne this week? No.
Will we watch the old Annie movie and the new Annie movie today? No.
Will we go to the shop to buy marshmallows so that we can make rocky road (and  wreck the kitchen)? No.

My default is No. My constant refrain is very often a response to financial concerns but it has become a habit. I am on a mission to break that habit.

Sooooo…. here’s how saying Yes went yesterday;

‘Can I try doing cross-stitch, Mama?’
‘Absolutely, Yes.’IMG_5957

IMG_5962‘Can we put on swimming togs?’
‘No, well, it’s not exactly sunny……alright, Yes.’IMG_5968

‘Can we play Great British Bake-Off in the garden?’
‘Errrrrm,  Yes?.’IMG_5978


‘Can we bring the Barbies outside?’
‘It’s about to rain but I know that I can trust you to bring them all inside before the rain comes. Yes.’IMG_5986

‘Can we have dessert to eat watching Bake-off?’
‘That’s an easy one. Yes.’IMG_5983

There was a barrowful (literally) of mud but there was an equal load of raucous laughter.

Will I continue my quest for positivity? With mop in hand I say, Yes.

9 thoughts on “Say Yes.

    1. Thanks for that great list! If you check out ‘Irish’ you’ll see that we don’t actually have a word that means exactly ‘yes’. We can answer a question with ‘it is’ or ‘I will’ or ‘I am’ but there is no single word for ‘yes’ ( or indeed a direct translation for ‘I love you’). Our language was formalised by medieval monks who must not have required those words!!

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