How To Spend An Unreasonably Long Time Working On A Blog Header.

If there is a slow and complicated way of doing something you can rely on me to think of it. That must be why it took me a week to create a new blog header which isn’t all that different from the previous one.

Having long admired the gorgeous, felt header created by Lucy at Attic24, I thought I might manage something similar working in cross-stitch.

Hah, I say, and again (with added exclamatory emphasis), Hah! More fool I.

Lucy is a proper artist while I, at best, am an optimistic amateur.

With ungrounded confidence in my own artistic ability, I set off on my cross-stitch header odyssey.IMG_5955

The first step was a design. Small Girl was highly amused as ‘drawing kisses’ is one of her favourite occupations. I didn’t count how many kisses I drew and erased and drew again but it was too many. Very many too many. I must admit that a cloud of creative doubt was gathering at this point.IMG_5961

I was striving for an attractive image, in the correct ratio, with a legible font and a pretty colour palette.IMG_5963

If I had appreciated the importance of all those factors before I started, well… I wouldn’t have started.IMG_5964

More than anything, I was after something which would appear genuine, the real McCoy and not computer-generated.IMG_5989

I changed the design slightly as I stitched. Don’t ask me about symbolism here. Am I the bird who made the bun? Or, is that a random bird eye-ing up the bun with menace? Errmmm; dunno.IMG_6056

I took this photo late Sunday evening. You can tell how low the sun was by the lovely golden colour and the shadows. I like this.

I made mistakes. The eagle-eyed may be able to spot how many stitches run in the wrong direction. I can’t so I’m not too bothered.  I worked the border anti-clockwise and when I came full circle the two ends didn’t meet. I felt that was a mistake which wouldn’t get past even the least critical observer so, I ripped back and did it again and then, because it still refused to join up, again.

The bun is more of a cherry bun but the sultana version just looked as if it was a mouldy bun (I shall hold that title for my next, perhaps more cynical, blog).

I planned on using a close-up of this as a header. It was up for one day but I wasn’t thrilled with it so down it came again. cropped-sultanabun_crosstich1.jpg

I foraged in the attic for a frame.

The top shelf of my dresser was dusted off  (hey, I found an emergency bus-money fiver I had stashed up there and forgotten about so that was a bonus). I arrangedIMG_6068

and re-arrangedIMG_6071 and ran outside for flowersIMG_6074

and re-arranged againIMG_6078

while Teenage Son sighed dramatically and took photos.

I am 95% happy with the result. It’s not perfect but my enthusiasm was waning and Teenage Son put me on a deadline. As usual, I manage to put perfectionism on the long finger.cropped-img_6078.jpg

Just one final thing before I go: When I began writing this post, I was taking a completely different tack. I was thinking about how underwhelmed I am by CGI and special effects. This little guy popped into my head. His name is Morph. Please do look at this clip about Morph and Tony Hart. Morph-NMM-Bradford.jpg

10 thoughts on “How To Spend An Unreasonably Long Time Working On A Blog Header.

    1. You might be horrified but I have never seen SNL. Wiki informs me that Mr. Bill made his first appearance in 1976. Morph (whose creators went on to make Wallace and Grommit) first appeared in 1977… controversial!


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