Forbidden Fruit And Hidden Treasure.

And then we went berry-picking. No really, actual berry-picking.IMG_6221

I could tell you where we went to pick blackberries, sloes and damsons but then, as the saying goes, I’d have to kill you.IMG_6215

While out gathering wild garlic this Spring I met a chef on the same mission.IMG_6213

The over-powering force of my wit and beauty charmed him into giving me the secret location of the damson trees. Sadly, I had to kill him.IMG_6200

Discovering the secret location was but half the adventure. The ripe damsons were in the highest branches so a volunteer was required to clamber up. Fourth baby was not kind to my pelvic floor. Her departure from my body looked like this:Image result for cartoon hole in door

Let’s just say my tree-climbing days are over. Brave Husband took up the challenge. IMG_6192

He threw the damsons down and I stood below catching. I have to tell you; it was more fun than shopping. Berry-picking wins.IMG_6194

Even Brave Husband couldn’t reach these apples.IMG_6207

He approached that tree from every angle but was rebuffed at every attempt. A win for the birds.IMG_6203

The blackberries this year are insipid.IMG_6195

We picked a few but had a better prize within our sights.IMG_6209

Sloes. These are the fruit of the blackthorn. These little suckers are bitter and astringent. I kick myself every time for being daft enough to try one. It’s like trying to eat a doughnut without licking your lips; you just can’t pick berries without eating them. Your question is; why are they such a prize?

My answer to you is; Sloe gin.

Is gin featuring too prominently on this blog?  Perhaps I took Fagin’s words too much to heart. Watch this, it’s only 4 seconds of good advice.

I’ve slightly altered my theory.IMG_6210 IMG_6212 IMG_6206 IMG_6222 IMG_6226 IMG_6227 IMG_6172

IMG_6240Shopping gratifies the instinct to go berry-picking but that urge can only be truly satisfied by, obviously, going berry-picking.

17 thoughts on “Forbidden Fruit And Hidden Treasure.

    1. They loved it! Teenage Daughter will be making Blackberry Jam in school on Monday so we need to get out picking again this weekend. I really admire her teacher who told a class of 14 year old girls to come in with 1 lb of blackberries each.

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  1. I must admit, I’ve never used sloes, although there are loads of them growing in all the lanes around our village – as there are blackberries. But I don’t have to trawl the lanes for the latter, as we have some lovely bushes along the back wall of our garden, carefully cultivated by my husband to be big and juicy. We also have a huge damson tree and many other fruit trees and bushes, Yes, we do love our fruit. I’ll be very happy to read some of your recipes for interesting ways of using them, though (other than the traditional pies, crumbles and sponges that I do. I’m very old fashioned – or perhaps just rather old!). I’m not sure whether it’s the rubbishy internet in this village, but most of your images in this post aren’t showing. But I do get the picture about killing those who know the secret locations of your beloved fruits! My kids all loved fruit picking when they were young – some years ago now!

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      1. Yes, My husband is a passionate gardener! Every house we’ve moved to has had the garden filled with fruit trees and bushes with the week. I’m not complaining, of course! We all love our fruit. Love the idea of a drunken hedge! Ha ha.(I’ve no idea what one looks like, so I’m feeling a bit thick right now. It sounds as though it could be about to fall over.) Hope you’ve sorted out your photo problem – if there was one. I almost wrecked half of my blog a while ago by deleting images from my media file because it was filling up rapidly. I did a post about it, and I got so much helpful advice about shrinking files – which I hadn’t been doing.

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      2. You have put your finger on it. That is exactly what I have done. I feel like a complete eejit and I haven’t quite got the energy to even attempt to fix it. Sigh.


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