Being Me.

When Teenage Son wants to illustrate how middle-aged I am, he points out that the highlight of my week is the BBC’s Gardeners’ World on Friday night.IMG_6419

What he doesn’t see is that I have been middle-aged in my head since the age of fifteen.IMG_6416

My third year school report stated that I was ‘mature beyond (my) years’. I took that as a compliment although I think my poor teacher was signalling to my mother that I should maybe get out of the house and get kissed.IMG_6417

As if to match the middle-aged thoughts in my head, my hair went grey when I was only twenty-one.IMG_6415

I spent twenty years trying to rectify my hair colour and build a personality to match, every shade through blonde to mousy brown.  It never looked or felt natural.IMG_6413

I am beginning to feel comfortable in my own skin. I’ve let the grey grow out and I like it. It feels honest. I’d like to think that I am only just inside the door of middle-age but, just now, it feels like my sweet spot.IMG_6394

Back to Gardeners’ world. On this week’s show a sweet woman called Emma was featured. Emma takes magical photographs of insects in her garden. You can visit her blog hereIMG_6407

My first response was ‘I want a bee hotel’ with added Verrucca Salt emphasis, ‘and I want it NOW’. Husband got up fairly sharpish and put on his carpenter hat (he has a whole lot of hats). Teenage Son scavenged bamboo supports from all over the garden and cut them up. The Small Girl, Middle Girl and I scoured all over for pine cones, twigs and bits of bark.IMG_6406

Teenage Daughter made the cutest little sign for the bee hotel which advertises ‘Vacancies’. I adore it!IMG_6401

I can’t really see how this bee hotel will accomplish anything that the big pile of scrap wood behind the shed doesn’t do already but, gosh, isn’t it lovely! IMG_6403

I’d like to add that these photographs were no small feat. I had a Canon AE1 SLR back in the manual olden manual days but we can’t afford to replace it with the digital equivalent. I have a five-year-old Canon powershot point-and-shoot. I found it very difficult to hold focus on the close up shots. IMG_6421

I was nose-to-proboscis with this furry guy by the time I finally got him.IMG_6420

This made me happy.

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