Making The Best Of It.

I pulled up my socks and put on my hat and ventured out into the garden yesterday despite the relentless rain.IMG_6455

It felt good to get out of the house. The sound of rain can be pleasantly insulating.IMG_6451

The world closes in until nothing remains but the tip tip tip of it and the thoughts in your head. IMG_6459

A gentle air of sadness prevails this week. It’s a september thing. IMG_6466

There comes a point when you realise that you can’t hold on to summer for much longer. I’m convinced you need a certain resilience to live in Ireland, to withstand the rain and grey. We are a nation of stoics, of poets and alcoholics. IMG_6464

Anyway, I made the best of it.IMG_6472

I brought sodden flowers in to the table.IMG_6475

IMG_6477I plucked and picked them and inhaled their wet perfume until I was almost late for the school run.IMG_6481
IMG_6483Then I stuck them in jars and smiled. IMG_6487

IMG_6488IMG_6493IMG_6490It’s not all bad.

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