Out Came The Sun.

IMG_6510 Scarlett O’Hara was quite correct: tomorrow is another day. That being today.IMG_6511

The garden had been washed clean and Autumn is behaving impeccably. For today anyway.IMG_6534

I’m afraid to check the weather forecast, we’ll take what we get and enjoy it while it lasts.IMG_6512

I have been so inspired by Emma at this site, I just had to have a go at capturing the joy of this morning’s sunshine.IMG_6533IMG_6529IMG_6528Apples, crabapples and pears all looking good enough to eat.

IMG_6536This is one of the reasons I love nasturtiums.

IMG_6521Kale, in all its maroon ruffle gorgeousness.

IMG_6522These tomatoes are never going to ripen.

IMG_6523I’m not holding out much hope for the blackberries either.

IMG_6527There’s still plenty of borage for the bees.

IMG_6513The verbena is battered but hanging in there.

Now, look at this…….Incy Wincy came out to pose:IMG_6525IMG_6520IMG_6518IMG_6517Isn’t that just the most gorgeous thing? I am exhilarated, by the warmth of the sun, by the beauty of the pictures and by my pride in managing to take them.

Now, back to chopping carrots.

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