Warning: Villain At Large.

This is an urgent message to all owners of cute dogs.

Cruella deVil is at large. She is alive and well and practising her evil art in Cork.

We sent our lovely, furry mutt for a trim and haven’t seen him since. The wicked villain relieved us of sixty euros and returned a pitiful, sorry-looking bald creature.IMG_6574

The entire family (not least Poor Charlie) has been traumatised. The dog is refusing to set foot out-of-doors but that’s just as well since the children are refusing to walk him. They are embarrassed to be seen with him!! IMG_6678

My Middle Daughter said she could see a big bag of Charlie’s fur on Cruella’s desk and we are convinced it will soon be for sale on eBay. Personally, I envision Cruella spinning some supersoft apricot-coloured yarn.IMG_6679

Poor, poor Charlie.

Teenage Daughter suggests this song as Charlie’s theme music.

8 thoughts on “Warning: Villain At Large.

  1. Aww, lol. I had this happen a few times when we had a cockapoo. We always asked for a poodle cut and she returned a few times shaved looking like weird chihuahua. Poor thing I wonder what his self esteem is like right now. I hope his hair grows back quickly.


  2. Oh no, poor baby! We had taken our bosses dog (springier spaniel) to get a hair cut.. he came out bald and his owner came home and scream “who the h*** are you?!” LOL But the dog didn’t care, he still went out and played and wasn’t worried about how fur-less he was 🙂

    Also I have nominated you for the Liebster Award, I hope you accept it and have a great day Lynda!

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    1. Hi there, Charlie’s not taking it so well. He seemed genuinely distressed when he came home. I’m not sure if it’s his vanity or the cold that’s bothering him!
      Thank you so much for the award nomination… my first of any kind! I need to figure out how the whole award thing works but I really appreciate that you thought me worthy. I’ll get on to it as soon as I finish my painting project. 🙂


  3. Yes I heard some dogs do not take it well, while others don’t seem to mind. Poor Charlie… but no worries, it will grow back!

    You’re very welcome! And that was a first for me as well, I didn’t even know such things existed in the blogging world til someone nominated me!

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