4th and Vine.

This sweet little parcel has been sitting on my kitchen counter since Wednesday. It was addressed to Husband  but it didn’t take a super-sleuth to figure out that it might just be my anniversary pressie.IMG_6688After all, I did engage in some serious hint-dropping a couple of weeks ago. You might remember my raving about Emma, her Garden, her photos and her lovely website. IMG_6690 Isn’t that bee stamp adorable? I want one! IMG_6747 The earrings are exactly the pair I was wishing for. I’m tickled pink.

The gorgeous Robin card was a bonus. I’ve stuck it up to join my collection of favourite cards.IMG_6750 You just wouldn’t believe how tricky it is to take a photo of your own ear!IMG_6742 I am pleased. These are the Goldilocks earrings…just right.IMG_6746I have to mention this book which I began this morning (after FINISHING the painting of yellow). I was fairly certain that I was going to like it but, oh sweet heaven, it is pure bliss. I shed a tear on page 26 and laughed out loud (and scared the dog) on page 34. So, so lovely.

Husband is leaving work early today. We are going into town to drink coffee and reminisce about our Wedding Day. It was a perfect, sunny day. We were married in the University chapel and then raced against the sunset to the sea. We were drenched in kindness and good wishes. I wore a shell pink dress.

It was, at that time, the happiest day of my life. I’ve had happier days since. We are very lucky people.IMG_6782

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