Lose Weight (slowly).

I am about to let you in on a weight loss secret that really works. Honest to God, it works!

I’ll make millions out of this one day but, because the sun is shining, it’s yours today for free.

First, walk out into your garden, say ‘Hi’ to your bald Cockapoo (oh, poor Charlie) and pick a delicious, juicy apple from your very own apple tree.IMG_6901

Okay, obviously not everybody can do that (especially if you lack a bald Cockapoo) but I did it for the very first time today. Our apple tree is an odd specimen. I bought it in the supermarket for a fiver so my expectations were small. It has grown into a gangly long-limbed shape which we have no clue how to prune.

Whatever its lack of beauty, we have delicious apples. There are lots of brown spots on some of them. The dog has nicked a few in the belief that balls really do grow on trees. This one, perfectly sweet, crisp and juicy apple might just be the best apple I’ve ever eaten. 

Right, back to business:

Chop up a whole, unpeeled apple as finely as you like.

Add a scoop of nutty muesli.

Add a generous dollop of plain, natural yogurt. I don’t use fat-free but you can if you like. Bioactive yogurt is good but not essential.

Sprinkle with cinnamon, if you like it (I forgot it today but I do like it).

Stir it all up and tuck in.

(There was a photo here once but I deleted it in a misguided attempt to make my free WordPress blog last longer, forgive me)

Now the science (I was once a scientist, you know).

Apples: an apple a day significantly reduces your risk of heart disease. Apples help reduce blood cholesterol levels, manage blood sugar levels and control your appetite.

Muesli: Oats have been proven to protect against heart disease, diabetes and breast cancer. Dried fruits provide fibre, vitamins, minerals, iron and a nice bit of sweetness. Nuts provide a power house of protein, minerals and vitamins.

Yogurt: Yogurt provides protein, calcium, vitamins and minerals. It protects against osteoporosis, high bold pressure and vaginal infections (yes, just by eating it!). Probiotic yogurt provides the added benefit of protecting against gut infections.

Cinnamon: cinnamon provides anti-oxidants, is anti-inflammatory and some believe it helps weight loss by controlling blood sugar levels.

If all these benefits weren’t enough, the simple fact is that apples, oats and yogurt fill you up.

It is my own theory that most of our snacking is caused my cravings and if we can satisfy the cravings, we eat less.

When I eat this breakfast, I eat less all day. It’s not necessarily intentional but I’ve noticed that I don’t crave toast at 11. Toast at 11AM is my downfall. It’s a slippery slope from there to cheese toastie at 1, toasted scone after school collection and more toast at 11PM. My name is Lynda and I am a toastaholic.

Now Preacher, heal thyself. My sister is getting married in January. I have a plan to lose weight between now and Christmas so that I can, hopefully, squeeze in a few mince pies over the holidays without bursting the seams on the (already purchased) wedding outfit. I also plan to squirrel away a Christmas pudding for proper post-nuptial indulgence in late January.

Try this with me and see how we go?

PS. Did you miss my post about the buying the rigout for the wedding in a posh shop? That was funny. It’s here.

9 thoughts on “Lose Weight (slowly).

  1. It makes me so sad to see apple trees in gardens and all of the apples falling instead of being eaten. I know the birds need their fair share but it seems such a waste. We moved in July and the first tree we will be planting will be an apple tree.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I agree whole-heartedly. I gardened in terracotta pots for fourteen years before we bought this house so I truly appreciate having space for trees. I wish you many years of apple blossom and apple-picking!

      Liked by 1 person

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