Manic Friday.

Having spent a decade wearing a single pair of tiny studs, I seem to have sent a message to the world and, all of a sudden, dangly earrings are flying at me left, right and centre.

Take a look at what Teenage Daughter made for me.

Talk about cute!! She made these from Fimo clay. I couldn’t resist bringing them out into the garden for a little play.

Buzzy, buzz buzz…..IMG_7146 Oh dear, a slightly intimidating real bee came along.IMG_7148And then a downright terrifying, giant, orange, furry bee came along. This buster would give Bernard a run for his money.
IMG_7140 IMG_7141 Mind you, he seems friendly enough. Just saying Hi.IMG_7164 This weekend is, I hope, going to see the completion of the big patio project. Now, what do you think this box of broken dishes has to do with it? IMG_7231 I put chipped plates between two teatowels and smashed them with the back of my secateurs. This was simply the best craic (hah!) I’ve had in ages (don’t groan, do I get this week’s Worst Blogger Pun award?).IMG_7230 If I didn’t have five elephants and a dog running around the house I wouldn’t have had enough broken china for this project. That’s the plus side. IMG_7233 Sob.

The creative side of my brain has been running amok this week. I’ve made a pretty classy (if I say so myself) Cleopatra costume for Middle Girl. It’s made from old (possibly vintage, I’d say) curtain fabric offcuts and bits of old (definitely vintage) jewellery. I pulled out the necklace that I wore to my Debs Ball (Prom) and immediately thought, ‘That would be brilliant as Cleopatra’s Headpiece’, which says a lot about my fashion sense in 1990. I have been banned from unveiling it until closer to Halloween.

I went to the biggest toy shop in Cork and asked for a bag of marbles.

‘Nope’, said the girl at customer services (don’t you hate that term?), ‘no marbles here’.

It was 9.05 AM. The shop was empty except for a dozen staff unloading palettes of the Christmas catalogue. This customer servant had NOTHING to do.

‘Really?’, you wouldn’t believe how far I can raise my eyebrows. My eyebrows could have their own blog.

‘Erm…I’ll just check the store room’, and off she scuttled. I’d say she went off and had a cup of tea, or maybe phoned her friend to complain about how demanding the customers can be.

She got them anyway. Eventually.

They were worth the wait.
IMG_7179IMG_7180IMG_7182IMG_7184IMG_7188IMG_7189IMG_7190IMG_7191IMG_7194Busy head, buzzing with ideas and plans…

And FOUR rugby matches to watch (quarter finals)…

Wish us luck!

7 thoughts on “Manic Friday.

  1. Love the earrings! I love dangly earrings and those are adorable! That is one gorgeous flower with the huge bee! Sounds like you have been quite busy and I can’t wait to see the costume!! ok so what are you doing with the marbles and plates? A cliff hanger huh? I will be waiting!!!

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  2. Okay can’t wait to see your mosaic , I just did my bowling balls and it was a blast, love the bumble bee earrings…I see the apple didn’t fall from the tree, she’s talented like her momma….love the garden…after seeing your cosmos a while back in your pictures I went down and got some and put them in a pot with my mums…the hummingbirds and butterflies were so happy that I have flowers coming back into my yard…I had pulled everything out and went completely with succulents and cactus but I miss the colors….my old cosmos came back year after year, they are pretty drought tolerant once they get established so thanks…you cave the push….LOL not that I have to be pushed to buy flowers…LOL


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