Shattered dreams and shattered bodies. What a weekend that was. IMG_7051

Husband and I raced between the TV and the paving slabs like a pair of manic bricklayers on speed.IMG_7304

Cement covered wellies went on and off and on again as we alternated between checking levels and scores, spirit level in one hand and remote control in the other. I painted, I pointed (that’s a real thing you know, not just standing around giving orders!), I spread cement, swept sand and learned more than I ever wanted to know about grouting.

Where Ireland failed (sigh), Team Sultanabun succeeded and, you’ve no idea how excited I am about this, we have a patio! IMG_7280

I love our back step. It’s an old limestone step which I found in a salvage yard. In one of my most canny moments of bargain hunting, I bartered the old roof tiles in exchange for it. This is where I sit to brush Charlie.IMG_7283

I would have loved limestone paving but this grey sandstone was an affordable alternative.

There were two awkward spaces to fill on either side of the back step. This china mosaic was in the running for one of them.IMG_7235

It looked wrong, too girlie and fragile, so I went with just putting the year instead with a bit of added bling.IMG_7275

The marbles went on the other side. They look prettier in real life than in the photo.IMG_7281

We used the last bit of cement to take the hand/paw prints of the children and the dog. I like this. IMG_7271

I am bone tired and muscle weary but very pleased.

If I cast my mind back to the last Rugby World Cup in 2011…we had just moved in to the house, half of our boxes were still stacked up in the (now) gorse yellow book room. We were still traumatised by the drama of self-building. Small Girl was three months old and permanently, or so it seemed, attached to my body. We had two deck chairs to sit on in the den and, if we decided to sit outside, we carried the deck chairs out with us. The garden had just been stripped of thirty enormous leylandii trees and we had struggled to set the grass seed before the first frost. There was no fence, no fruit trees, no herb bed, no treehouse, no dog, no washing line, no currant bushes, no strawberries and worst of all, no rhubarb.

You know what? We are getting there!IMG_7305

9 thoughts on “Shattered.

  1. I love it….I still think you should do something with the plate…they are so pretty and yes very feminine…your could di them on a board and frame it for the wall….you did fantastic job come on over and we, I mean you can work on my back yard….do you hire out…??.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks… you’re right; a board is the solution. I just need to wind up some more energy and also convince Husband that it won’t look ridiculous. You can see that the patio is against a blank wall which I am just itching to fill with kitschy colour…I need to sneak it up on him!


      1. one piece at a time…LOL My thought for your blank wall was to stand your family against it draw around each person and then paint it in black…silhouettes….I love that look and you have the white back ground…and then you could paint some flowers and grasses in-between….just one of my visions on your white wall….kat

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      2. Lay in bed last night imagining your silhouette idea…it’s a great one but Im not sure I could execute it well and less sure I could sell it to the Hubster…hmmmn…more thought required…


      3. easy peasy to do….get a blue chalk pencil stand the kids up there have them make different poses until your happy and then they stand still and you outline them against the wall…get a little 2″ roller and the color of outdoor paint you want to use…you could do a different color for each kid…or black is more dramatic…to me anyway…honey if you can build a beautiful patio you can do this…if you didn’t want to paint right on the wall you could always do the out line on plywood and paint that and then cut it out and stand them up against the house….


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