I still love you, Michael.

October 21st, 2015: McFly Day! Can you believe it?

I was totally besotted with Michael J. Fox in my early teens (after Bruce Boxleitner and before Ethan Hawke). If I had to name just one celebrity crush it would be him. I must have watched Teenwolf a dozen times. Teen Wolf (1985) Poster

It’s a blast seeing all the Back To The Future nostalgia sweeping across the internet today.

Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd feature in this clever Toyota Ad. I have to admit that it made me smile. Go on, take a look, it’s cute.

Queensland Police have taken to their hoverboards. Brilliant!

Spotify have a 1985 playlist that bears a shocking resemblance to my own record collection.

I was fourteen when I first saw Back To The Future. Fourteen is considered to be a ‘magical age’ when we develop our own taste in music and form our cultural identity. It’s certainly true that songs and movies from ’85 and ’86 hold a strong emotional significance for me. I remember them better and they have more power to pull me back in time than anything from the ’90s.

Husband and I have YouTube ’80s nights where we push back the furniture and he does his Kevin Bacon dance and I wish, again, for Kelly McGillis’s hair (and Porsche). The kids cover their eyes in horror and laugh hysterically. Highly recommend it !

Ever wondered what happened to Biff? This is funny.

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