Making Me Happy.

I’ve been thinking a lot about exactly what it is that is most likely to make me happy. IMG_7795

It’s not always easy to know.

It’s so difficult to capture the big picture.IMG_7745

To see your life as a whole and make the right choices.IMG_7760

The big decisions always creep up on you, appear out of the blue.

It’s easy enough to change one small thing,IMG_7754

see how you like it and then make your next move.IMG_7756

It’s just not possible to plan the whole thing, see your own movie in your head and know how it will end. That’s not how life works. Today is all you can see.IMG_7747

The big picture will never be perfect. There’s always a wheelbarrow or a  falling-down-curtain ruining the shot.IMG_7749

There are always small difficulties. IMG_7707

Caterpillars will persist in trying to eat the cabbages.IMG_7751

The dog (innocent face) will continue to dig up the daffodil bulbs.IMG_7715

Blackberries will fail to ripen.


If you stick to the small things.IMG_7767

There are such wondrous pleasures.IMG_7739

Moments of perfect contentment.IMG_7719The most ordinary things that we fail to notice unless we are very still.IMG_7741

Blink. You’ll miss it.IMG_7734

But, another one is just waiting to appear.IMG_7731

If I can blur out the busy mess of indecision in the background.IMG_7729

Sometimes you can nurse an idle dream for a long time without really needing it to become a reality. Sometimes the dream is all you need. IMG_7710

PS. Can you believe that I took every last one of these pictures today, the second of November?! This, THIS makes me happy.

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27 thoughts on “Making Me Happy.

    1. Thanks again! I love your blog. I try my best to think on the bright side. I followed on Facebook but wasn’t sure where I should comment. I’d be interested to read your thoughts on the negative influences of tiredness and hormones.

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  1. your pictures sum up a lovely, warm hearted, caring life….and the wheel barrow and slipped curtain…well that’s just life….still beautiful, but life….beautiful yard…makes me want to go out and play in the dirt in my yard…..we had a good rain so everything is damp and dripping with water…..thanks for sharing…loved it…kat


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