The Crafty Lobster.

Why are my children obsessed with stories of orphans, evacuees and runaways? Their greatest fantasy seems to be a world without parents. It’s not very encouraging.IMG_7856

‘Will we play Hetty Feather?’, Small Girl (4) asked me earlier. Hetty Feather, a Jacqueline Wilson creation, is a Victorian foundling who has taken my home by storm. The best I can say is that she has given us all a break from singing Hard Knock Life.

‘I’d love to play Hetty Feather, Darling’, I replied or words to that effect but slightly less enthusiastic.
‘Great. I’ll be Hetty and you can be Matron Bottomley.’
‘Because you have a big bum’.
Ahem, I suppose I do…
‘I do not’, against my better judgement, I defended my much-maligned posterior.
‘You really do’, she giggled, ‘turn around and look at it’.
I contorted for a better view.
‘It looks very small to me’, I insisted while Small Girl surveyed the area in question.
‘Oh Mama’, she scoffed, ‘It really is quite big. You know, there’s much more of it there than you can see’

And that’s when I knew I couldn’t win. She could see something that I couldn’t. I resigned myself and my quite big bum to playing Matron Bottomley.

I’ve been here before. The next thing is that she will come home from school reciting a rhyme that I’ve never heard before. Then there will be a strange system of borrowing units and crossing out tens and she will show me how to do it ‘Teacher’s way’. By tiny increments, they adjust their orbit until I’m no longer the centre of their universe.

Luckily, the twinge of maternal separation anxiety is alleviated by a sense of liberation from responsibility and heart-swelling pride in their achievements.

Teenage Girl (14) has brought me close to spontaneous, prideful, combustion this week. She has devoted the last three months to her dream of owning her very own small business. She has invested her meagre pocket-money in raw materials. She conducted market research amongst Middle Girl’s friends. She made banking arrangements and took photographs and learned about scaling discounts.  Most impressively, she has devoted every spare hour to designing and creating her unique range of jewellery. Her flagship Etsy shop, The Crafty Lobster, was launched on Wednesday.

Since then, I have watched my girl while she has watched statistics. Views up, views down, views up more…we watch and wait and will one person in the whole wide world to buy a pair of earrings!

Teenage Daughter has been taller than me for more than a year now. She takes a bigger shoe size. She is braver than I am. She has an entrepreneurial spirit that I am unable to fathom. This is way bigger than when she said her first words or took her first steps away from me. She is doing something that I will never know how to do. I am more than impressed by her courage. I am more than proud of her determination. I am in awe.

up houses
‘Up’ earrings. I think these are my favourite.
Penguin earrings
Cute penquin earrings.
Marshmallow earrings. Could you get sweeter?
Flying fairy earrings. TD is happy to customise hair and dress colours.
Tiny red apple earrings.
eggs and bacon
Mini Irish breakfast earrings.

If you have time, I’d love it if you could visit The Crafty Lobster and make those statistics climb a little for her.

20 thoughts on “The Crafty Lobster.

  1. I am so excited….Christmas presents from a younin in Ireland…tell her I just placed my order….and I would like to see some pendants to wear from a necklace…I have a silver chain and am always wearing different pendants from it…..I am very excited….thank you for sharing that….I wish her the best and I will share with my Etsy friends….Now about empty nest syndrome….its harder the older they get… kids are 28 and 38….but my heart still aches for what was….its hard that life trudges on no matter what….so enjoy your babies as they will be flying out the door before you know it…sorry but its the truth….kat

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    1. Oh Kat, I can’t thank you enough! You are so kind!
      I have a terrible habit of fearing the worst and ’empty nest’ is a big fear for me right now. You are right though, the only answer is to enjoy the here and now!


      1. Yes and temeber the old saying…even though you don’t think about the end of it until it happens….you raise them to leave home…..I hate that pharse now….but think about all the friends of people you know about that have full grown kids at home mooching off them…..its really a double edged sword….in my opinion…just enjoy them now and everyday and hope you raised them to do the best for themselves when they are out on there own…..both my kids are very successful adults and I couldn’t be happier….they live close enough that when I text them and say I need a hug…they generally find a way to swing by and give me a little time…LOL they have very full lives and I couldn’t be more proud….I am now enjoying my life knowing they are self sufficient in the world….and don’t need mommy to get them through, they just need to for love…..its not easy but it will happen….Kat

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  2. Wow this is an exciting and hilarious post! sorry the beginning was the best start I have ever read and sounds so much like something my kids would say!! I just had to laugh and laugh dear!! You have raised these amazing kids and instilled this exciting sense of courage in this wonderful teenage girl! I am on a tight budget but will surely go and look and possibly buy something as I am very impressed. Please tell her for me– good job!!

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  3. Ok I commented but don’t think it went through so here I go again, if this is the second time excuse me. lol I had to just laugh, best beginning to a post ever! I laughed and laughed. This is so something my kids would say!!! You have done a great job raising your children. I am impressed with your daughter and will check out her wonderful jewelry!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Lynn, some comments didn’t appear in my feed but I think they are all on the post.
      Thank you so much for taking the time to look. I find Etsy difficult to navigate, I don’t know how to comment on it either but I will pass on your compliments! She will be thrilled. Lynda.

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  4. Oh, save us from Jacqueline Wilson! We have overdosed here and my youngest is thankfully back on Harry Potter (although that can be a tad wearing too). Your 14-yr-old is amazingly enterprising; no wonder you are so chuffed. I love the flying fairy earrings. Your youngest’s remarks made me laugh – out of the mouths of babes… Mine are thankfully past that ‘harsh truth’ stage and onto the ‘be kind’ stage!

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  5. Tell your fabulous entrepreneur that I just ordered the Irish Breakfast earrings and can’t wait to receive and wear them. My kids were also obsessed with orphan stories — what IS that about?

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