sultanabun by candlelight.

I think I might be cracking. IMG_7904

It’s been four days solid of gloom. It is still NOT COLD. The insipid word, mild, is being bandied about  but this weather deserves a more forceful adjective. I can’t think of one…the wordy spark plugs have got damp, like everything else.

My positivity is waning.IMG_7897

I’ve taken to carrying this candle around with me. IMG_7900

I munched my muesli by candlelightIMG_7901

and then carried my flame in here, with a cup of steaming coffee, to blog by candlelight.IMG_7902

Whatever it takes to get us through to fairy light time, right?

November’s a killer.

I’m filled with a sense of anxious urgency. I want to get started on Christmas but it’s still too early.

I’m making lists. Christmas lists. That’s my way of starting Christmas without actually doing anything or spending money. List of cards, list of gifts, list of events, list of things to make, list of books to buy (yeah, the book list is a year-long thing but I stand a much higher chance of actually buying the books at Christmas). List of lists.

My favourite list is called Advent Windows. I found this DIY advent calendar in Tiger for one euro. IMG_7891

Middle and Small Girls spent a peaceful, if somewhat glittery, afternoon decorating it. Now I have to think of 24 ideas to fill those windows and then glue it together.IMG_7892

Mostly, it will be things that we do anyway (hot chocolate, mince pies, Muppets’ Christmas Carol) but I will commit to doing them on a certain day. Ah yes, I have no difficulty whatsoever in committing to mince pies.

I’m trying to think of some new ideas. I would especially love to think of something to surprise the teenagers. All ideas welcome! I might try to post the windows here as we open them.

I quell the Christmas mindstorm by steadily working up the rows of my Merino Wrap.IMG_7838

It’s growing on me, literally.IMG_7913

Teenage Daughter is going to town after school to buy more wool for me.IMG_7915

It’s still very strange that she is going to town to run errands while I am staying home.

Which reminds me…I want to extend a heartfelt Thank You to everyone who has visited The Crafty Lobster. My child seems to have blossomed overnight. Her iridescent  joy has brightened my days. You are very kind people and I am hugely grateful.IMG_7841

7 thoughts on “sultanabun by candlelight.

  1. I am so glad the crafty Lobster is going well! quite impressive! I know it is long, dark and cold in November!!! You are smart to plan and make lists that always makes me feel it is coming closer!! I love the advent calendar! My son made one for my parents last year and this year we will take it out and fill it with treats again! Lovely post, sending warm hugs your way!

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  2. I know exactly what you mean about the light levels and weird unseasonal temperature at the moment. Deep sigh. It is hard to get motivated and keep cheery. In our house, we can’t discuss or make (obvious) plans for Christmas until after my eldest child’s birthday on 19th Nov. It’s a family rule. After that I shall be embracing the festive spirit with gusto. I like the look of your wrap.

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