Gusset, gusset, gusset.

We’ve had the official Grand Opening of the Advent Calendar.

Not a bad start, I thought.IMG_8199I didn’t think that I liked these but, guess what, I do. The dark ones are delicious.

Since last we met, I have had a momentous, I might even go so far as to say transformative, experience. I have learned how to knit in the round. Boy, oh boy, have I being missing out on the craic!

Granted, I was completely befuddled for the first half an hour but this kindly man on YouTube came to my rescue. Five minutes later, I had made my first round and was high as a kite. Honest to God; heart-thumping, head-spinning excited. There really is nothing as fun as learning something new.

I took this shot with my phone to record the (4)

The excitement grew alongside the mitten. I sat there, half listening to Monty Don waxing lyrical about the history of the English Garden (the Victorians have alot to answer for) whilst clicking away merrily, flicking needles hither and thither and feeling like a pro. Woohoo!

Even the thumb gusset couldn’t put a dint in my joy. Seriously though, thumb gusset? That needs a new name. Thumb gusset is a phrase I would feel uncomfortable mentioning in polite company.

Thumb gusset.

Gusset. It’s one of those words that you can get through your whole life without ever saying out loud.

Gusset. You read it on packets of knickers in Marks and Spencer and think, ‘Oh yes indeed, I shall go for the cotton gusset at 2 euro extra because that seems like the right thing to do’. You never (Thank God) need to walk up to a counter and ask, ‘what kind of gussets have you got?’.

Anyway, I got past the gusset.

This is a picture of Pride:IMG_8194Small Girl was at home with a bad case of schoolitis so we spent the morning at the kitchen table.

Jigsaws and trifle for Small Girl, knitting and coffee for me. Candles glowing and fairylights twinkling.

This is a picture of Pride and Joy:IMG_8195

I finished them last night watching The Great Pottery Throwdown.

Look… two almost identical mittens!! The thumb is a bit short on one of them (but, observe the neatness of that thumb gusset). IMG_8207

These were supposed to be for Middle Girl to wear while she sings ‘a pair of mittens that were made by your mother‘ at the Christmas show. Unfortunately, I ignored (as I always do) one very important line right at the very start of the pattern. You know the one, in bold print, that tells you to CHECK YOUR GUAGE. Yep, that one. So, instead of mittens to fit a ten-year-old, I have made mittens to fit a four-year-old.

Luckily, I have a four-year-old to hand. And, even better, I have an excuse to begin another pair tonight.

Window Two of the Advent Calendar was opened this morning to many squeals of delight.

I used to love painting the kitchen window for Christmas but the kids have taken over.

I need to start the deep breathing now in preparation for the mess to come this afternoon. Wish me luck!


14 thoughts on “Gusset, gusset, gusset.

  1. Well done with the mittens! I have wool to make a pair of mittens for me- I hope they turn out as well as yours. I enjoyed your great post- glad I found your blog. Love from Gina

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  2. Mittens with thumbs (who cares if they’re not perfect)! I’m seriously impressed. Gusset is such a ‘Miranda’ word. I look forward to seeing a photo of your kitchen window… Good luck. x

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  3. Hello my friend, I am home…yeah….big sigh….I am going to miss my home but very excited about starting anew journey in Yuma…my cousin is going to rent this home and take care of it…so that’s good…oh well for now I am going to focus on Christmas…I read all your post…I love the recipe for suet free mincemeat…I am going to borrow it…we had one very similar to that for thanksgiving…my brother thought it needed deer meat,, but not me…love the mittens…good job….my sister used to make socks all the time with soft wool….love the color….I love red cabbage…in Germany they make something very close to yours called RotKole….only difference is they add brown sugar…I use apple cider vinegar, but balsamic sounds yummy….I make it all the time, I love cabbage….and last but not least….I got my lovely items from your very talented daughter….I loved them all…the little frosted dough-nuts are adorable….love the green moss looking ones and have been wearing my ring all day…tell her thank you and I will be revisiting her site….I hope she had lots of orders….thank you for the lovey card….I am touched…a card from Cork Ireland….my roots are from Ireland…just not sure where…..I added pictures to my blog a little while ago….what color is the next pair of mittens..???? I love the twinkle lights…I am starting to decorate as well…not picture ready yet…LOL….XXkat

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    1. Kat! Yeay! Lovely to have you back!
      I’m so glad you were pleased with your purchases, it really was very kind of you.
      You will need to research those Irish roots, they go deep around here you know!
      I think brown sugar would be an improbement to the red cabbage so I will definitely try that next time. Here I was thinking that I was the only human left who liked the stuff. Red cabbage fans unite!
      I’m really looking forward to seeing pictures of your new project…no pressure!! 😉


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