The Kitchen Table.

The world is looking pretty bleak from where I sit.IMG_8435

I listened to the news this morning as I mopped up porridge and spilled milk. The first headline reported families, not far from here, being rescued from their flooded homes by the Civil Defence. That put a few gripes of mine into perspective.IMG_8430

The second report was of children drowned. More children drowned. There is no perspective from which that can be accepted.

I lit a candle. I know; that’s no help to anyone but me.

I sat at the kitchen table and began another pair of mittens.IMG_8415

My Goodness, these mittens are addictive.IMG_8416

This is the third pair. IMG_8417

They take just enough concentration to still the wittering in my head. And, oh, that dusky pink is so relaxing it should be on prescription.

Small Girl came home from playschool and took her place beside me. We passed a quiet hour knitting and colouring-in and talking. She asked what a halo is and I was stumped. What exactly is a halo?IMG_8414

The teenagers stopped by to report on Christmas tests and make toast.

Santa letters were finalised.IMG_8346

Middle Girl wanted to make a Venetian mask for a school project.

Small Girl wanted to make one too, naturally.

Out came the cereal boxes and lollipop sticks and feathers and paint and brushes and glitter and little shiny hearts.IMG_8421

They glued and glittered merrily and even shared (!) the feathers.IMG_8424

Their works of art are drying while I write this.IMG_8425

In a minute I will go back out there and cook a fairly healthy, reasonably tasty dinner. I’ll call, ‘Dinner’s ready’ and no-one will come because they are watching The Jungle Book in the front room.

Then, I will shout, ‘DINNER!!!’, in the voice that means business, and they will slope in and take their seats. They will talk over each other and interrupt and tease, one will doubtless swing back on his chair and another will probably spill her drink.

Just tonight, I won’t chastise them.

Well, I’ll try not to.

We are lucky people.


6 thoughts on “The Kitchen Table.

  1. Well said. I am feeling blessed with my three boys all back under the same roof. It’s all too easy to focus on the trivial and forget the bigger picture. On a lighter note, look at you and your speedy mitten knitting, wish I could produce a sock as fast 🙂

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  2. I am currently not clearing up after a regular weekday dinner with my children. A couple of years ago I resorted to buying a bell – one of those counter-top bells you sometimes find in hotels – and I bing it really loudly and very fast for several seconds when dinner is ready. It saves me shouting. You are completely correct – we are lucky people. Those masks are lovely, as are your mittens. I’m very taken with the stripy ones.

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