Tidings Of Comfort And Joy.

IMG_8578Met Eireann have issued another weather-warning for the weekend. I have plans to baton down the hatches and immerse myself in mitten-knitting.IMG_8460All is calm today so I took my chance to soak up more sunshine, dilute as it is, while I still could.


The birds were twittering in the most cheerful fashion.

IMG_8022I saw a Young Scientist project last year that fascinated me.

IMG_8203 Students analysed the correlation between the traditional music of an area and the song of native birds in that region.

IMG_8215They did some hard sums and demonstrated a common thread between the music of countries lying along the migratory paths of various birds (read more here).

IMG_8448It would seem that  the birds taught us to sing.


I’ve been doing my nut trying to get decent shots of these little birds.IMG_8570They just don’t stop fluttering around for even a second.

IMG_8580I have dozens of photos of empty branches.

IMG_8556Some are more camera-shy than others.

IMG_8558Or,  are clearly toying with me.

IMG_8557Who’s a pretty boy, then?

Mr. Drake here lifted his head and gave me a look that said, ‘Excuse me, we are trying to get some sleep here’.IMG_8574

And then went back to sleep. Cute couple, huh?IMG_8573

It’s amazing to me how much more you notice when you carry a camera in your pocket.IMG_8566

I’ve spotted a crab apple tree, mental note for next year’s jelly.IMG_8561

And look!IMG_8592

Are these teasel? I think they are. I have grown some from seed this autumn but they are still only a few inches high. I’ve been like an excited child  watching the goldfinches on the Verbena this year and I’ve read that teasel is equally magnetic to small birds.

What do you think? Spray them gold? Silver? Fake snow?

For now they are looking very dramatic on the hall table. IMG_8599

Notice the photos of my family posing with a dozen strange men. IMG_8602

That’s Husband on the left;IMG_8603might go some way to explaining his aversion to coloured jeans.

This is my Small Girl heading out, on her Daddy’s arm, for her first night on the town. Never, in the history of theatre, has any person, big or small, enjoyed a performance quite as much as this girl enjoyed  Beauty And The Beast at the Cork Opera House.  She cheered and boo-ed and bellowed, ‘He’s behind you!‘ as if her little life depended on it. She made me cry from pure joy and at the end she turned to Husband and said, ‘they were real humans Daddy, wasn’t that amazing?’.IMG_8541

Joy. Pure, pure joy.

Wishing a sprinkling of that joy to you this weekend.


15 thoughts on “Tidings Of Comfort And Joy.

  1. what pretty, proud little birds…I love your pictures….I like the thistle natural….they look nice on your chest in the hallway….I always prefer natural over painted…but he they would look nice no matter what you did to them…..tell you little artist I will let her know the reaction from my daughter and daughter in law regarding her earrings….enjoy the holiday season….pictures of the mittens please…kat


  2. My kids’ reactions have had me in tears at times too (but not always joyful ones!). Your teasels are lovely as they are, I think. Birds are notoriously hard to capture on camera – you did a good job. Have a completely lovely weekend. Sam x


  3. That study sounds fascinating, look forward to reading it….
    ugh this weather, we managed to escape to the playground yesterday in the sunshine thankfully.
    stay warm and cosy, Lou


  4. I love dried teasels and honesty. We had big bunches of ‘silver pennies’ in the church when we got married. Your Father Christmas pictures are treasures. It makes me want to go through all my photos and see if I have any I can frame up.


    1. Oh I love honesty too! I’ve wanted some for years. My aunt had a big bunch in her house when I was little and it captured my imagination, maybe because of the name. I did try to grow it once but to no avail. I must try again.
      That sounds like a really beautiful idea for your wedding.


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