Hang A Shining Star…

What do you believe in?IMG_8622I believe in raincoats and woolly jumpers.

IMG_8629I believe in getting things done quickly because there are seventeen loads of laundry to be done after this tree is decorated.

IMG_8641 I believe in putting the glass ornaments near the top.

IMG_8638 I believe in little helpers.

IMG_8625 and big helpers.



I believe in real trees and coloured fairy lights.IMG_8653

I believe in rasher sandwiches. I’m not sure why but they have become associated with the smell of pine. IMG_8649

I believe in Frank.IMG_8657

I believe in little Robins telling Santa who should be on the good list.IMG_8661

and angelsIMG_8660

and Santy.IMG_8651IMG_8667IMG_8669IMG_8670IMG_8671IMG_8672IMG_8673IMG_8663I believe.


11 thoughts on “Hang A Shining Star…

  1. What a beautiful tree and I love the little angel in the bottom pictures in her long dress….what a lovely family time….I believe in the spirit of Christmas….knowing , rather hoping that everyone’s dreams come true….I love the joy I feel when I see Christmas trees sparkling with there lights and ornaments that were placed there carefully….Christmas cookies made with small hands…..this is one of my most favorite times of year……thank you for sharing your special day of decorating the beautiful tree with us….Nollaig Shona Duit…..xxkat

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