First Light.

Unless I actually announce otherwise, in loud and joyous tone, you can assume that it is raining. Honest to God, we are going mouldy. Seriously. There is a green tint rising on the house from the ground upwards.

Teenage Son brought the dog for a walk earlier and between them they wore home enough mud to plant the First Earlies (potatoes).

As I write, rain is clattering off the window at my shoulder and Husband informs me that the fire has gone out (the Valentines buzz can only last so long).

HOWEVER… Yesterday, incredibly, for the WHOLE entire day, the sun shone.


I stood in the garden and


stood some more. I leaned towards the light. Phototropism. I am phototropic.


I inhaled the green and garlic-tinged air (yeay, garlic pesto season is nearly here!).


I stretched my damp and spongy spine up, up. Oh, so, so good.

I creaked.


I stretched out my arms


and rolled my shoulders back.


I gazed in awe at the moon, unfamiliar as the sun.


I hung out washing. Oh what joy.

IMG_9429 (2)

I blinked and looked around.


Can you believe it? Actual rays of light.


I was nominated by  lovely Jean at  White House Red Door to take part in the three day quote challenge and I am very grateful. Jean is a born nurturer who posts gorgeous recipes (although we may need to have a bake-off on the Irish soda bread ;-)).

One quotation for  three consecutive days; I’m not going to point the finger at anyone in particular but let everyone feel free to join in. It has been fun to look over all the quotations I have pinned on Pinterest boards and scribbled in notebooks. I didn’t, in the end, choose any of them.


I’ve chosen for today, a line from All The Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr. I started this book on Sunday while my Valentine was busy watching the rugby. It was Love at first page. I’m only 120 pages in but I am overwhelmed by the elegance of it.


Open your eyes and see what you can with them before they close forever.


13 thoughts on “First Light.

  1. Gosh that brings back memories of living in West Cork … the feeling that you are going to grow a mossy covering if you stand still because the damp is so pervasive and then the thrill, the joy of the sunshine. I love the quote and am inspired to order the book. Actually the quote is a quote that we would all do well do keep in our pockets for those moments when we forget (most days) 🙂

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