Being petty. 

It’s the first of March and I need to make a public service announcement.

The patron saint of Ireland is Saint Patrick. His feast day is called ‘Saint Patrick’s Day’. I’m not keen on calling it ‘Paddy’s Day’ but I wouldn’t shoot you for it.

I get itchy when I read ‘Patti’s Day’. Patti is a girl’s name. Notwithstanding the flowing green robes, I believe we are fairly certain that Patrick was a man.

What drives me to drink is ‘Patty’s Day’. Patty? It’s not even a word, is it? A small burger possibly?

I beg you; spread the word.

PS. That’s not shamrock.

13 thoughts on “Being petty. 

  1. I agree. As a point of interest my Uncle (died last year aged 89) was Patrick and always called Paddy. Actually he was Samuel Patrick but that’s another story. He used to get apoplectic with the current fad for coining all these new names for a perfectly good saints name. I’m with you all the way.

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    1. We’ve always been big celebrators of St. Patrick’s Day because we’re a little bit Irish and it’s my sister’s birthday-always green cake.
      And I understand because I don’t like being called Mel, which sounds like a man!!! :O)

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