Knitted Knockers.

Vibes and Scribes, a shop which has become the hub of all things crafty in Cork, sent out a call for volunteer knitters last week. Ever eager for an excuse to skip the Saturday morning hockey run, I raised my hand.

Around fifty women and one brave man gathered in the yarn department, armed with needles and stitch markers, and received instruction on how to knit a breast prosthesis. These hand-made prostheses, we were told, are the softest, lightest and most comfortable option particularly in the early stages following mastectomy or lumpectomy.

Let me just say that the pattern was not quite as simple as advertised and there followed much hilarity and beating of breasts, woolly and otherwise.

Nevertheless, most of us managed to leave the shop with at least half a knocker in our handbags. I finished mine while waiting out yet another hockey match (no escape after all) and crocheted a second for comparison. They each took about two hours to complete and used less than 25g of yarn.

These were both made from the same ball of Yarn, a cotton/acrylic dk mix, which was kindly provided by Vibes and Scribes.


The knocker on the left was knit with straight needles. There is another pattern for knitting with double-pointed needles which has no seam and includes a nipple. The knocker on the right was crocheted.

Neither of these has been stuffed yet ( I photographed them lying on top of socks) as we were requested to provide flat-pack knockers. I think the knit version is softer and more natural in appearance but both are in demand (I know that a fellow wordpress blogger made a far superior crocheted boob a little while back. I couldn’t find the post. Remind me, please?). EDIT: To see the superior boob click to Loo’s welovelittlethings. Loo gives a link to a crochet pattern for a beautiful boob. I’m not sure whether or not it would be suitable as a prosthesis but it is a lovely thing! Thank you, Melanie for reminding me.

Cotton, acrylic and cotton/acrylic mix are all good options.

If you’d like a small, feel-good project to bust your stash, you could hardly find a better cause. If you are in Cork, Vibes and Scribes continue to sponsor yarn for this project and will provide patterns and guidance at their knitting group (Wednesday, 10.30 AM).

These sites have patterns, video tutorials and all the information you might need.

In Ireland: Knitted Knockers Ireland Facebook.

UK Knitted Knockers.

US Knitted Knockers.

Making these made me feel like a better person than I really am. Then I felt like a bit of a fraud for pretending to be so good. I know I’m not that good because making these also felt like holding up some sort of talisman against ever actually needing to use one. Then I felt like a superstitious eejit. Feelings are complicated.

Life is complicated. Trust me, the pattern for these is not so complicated.

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9 thoughts on “Knitted Knockers.

  1. Never heard of these…and your an angel for helping make some one’s life a little easier….no need to be superstitious….that can’t count when your doing something nice for someone else…what afrigin clever idea……I personally like the crocheted one better than the knitted…..your a good woman my fiend….kat

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I never heard of then before last week. Funny, if men needed something equivalent, I doubt they would have to make do with a knitted willy. Still, I’m happy to make them.


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