My Neighbours In Blogland.

“Well, Sally, I’m in fault, and I acknowledge it; I’ve been remiss; but I won’t let tomorrow go by without stopping up them holes.” —Mark Twain, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, 1885.

Osyth at Half Baked In Paradise nominated me for an award weeks (perhaps months, eek) ago and I completely forgot to get back to it. I have nothing against awards, in fact I have been dead chuffed to receive a few, but I can’t find time to respond to them. In lieu of that, I thought it would be nice to have a standing list of links to bloggers I appreciate.

I’ve been meaning to create some sort of blog roll since I began this thing. WordPress just wants to list every blog I follow but I wanted to list the blogs I value highly, and not just the ones on wordpress.

I don’t know if there was an easier way I could have done this (for God’s sake, don’t tell me now if there was) but I have, quite painstakingly, made a list of my favourite blogs and added a link to each.

I made a new page in my newly redesigned menu bar (yeay me!) and gave a brief introduction to my blogland friends and neighbours.

I’ve gone nearly googly-eyed doing this so, if I have missed anyone please do pass comment below and I will add you before kicking myself. If you would like me to edit my description of your blog or would simply rather not be listed, that’s fine too… let me know.

While we are on the subject of blog stuff… I’m rapidly running out of media storage space on my free plan. Anyone have any advice to give on the next step?

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21 thoughts on “My Neighbours In Blogland.

    1. I’m a complete ignoramus in this regard. I shall have to do some googling but that’s just so boring! Rosina from Zeens and Roger suggests shrinking photos so that they take up less space. If I figure that out I will let you know!


  1. Wow! This is lovely, thank you 🙂

    I can imagine this was a lot of work. If there is an easier way to do it, I haven’t come across it yet. I had to follow a similar process when I wanted to create index pages for all my reviews and recipes. If there is an easier way, I don’t want to know about it either!

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  2. That is such a nicely done page.. easy to read with candid sharp and short descriptions 👍
    And thank you for mine 💛

    I’m loooonnnnggggg overdue to update my Pan Global page.. Maybe this will motivate me 🙄

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  3. What a lovely thing to do. Thank you for mentioning me (and Charlie :)). You are a wonderful blogging neighbor! 🙂 I look forward to some leisurely time to visit some of your other neighbors. Right now I am typing from he back seat of a car on a business road trip. From Mars to Ireland with love!

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  4. It’s cheered me up no end to see that I’m on here. I was having such a grey, grumpy day and now I’ve got a smile on my face!! Thank you! xxx
    A thought regarding using up media storage…what size are your photos? I have to shrink mine before I upload them to WordPress as they take up way too much space just as they are. I only started shrinking them about 6 months ago (I thought pic monkey auto did it, it didn’t) I need to go back and shrink my early pics because I’ll need free space soon enough.

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    1. I’m going to hold my hand up and admit complete ignorance. How does one shrink photos and does it affect the quality. Also, if I go back and shrink old photos, will I need to re-insert them into posts? I made a terrible mess a few months ago by deleting photos and creating holes in posts like dropped stitches. All advice will be gratefully received!
      By the way, your Instagram is gorgeous! It is fun and addictive, isn’t it?!
      Thanks for following.


      1. There are a couple of ways. You can shrink them in pic monkey before adding them to WordPress (which is what I do now) or you can do it in wordpress in the media library . My past ones; I’ve been slowly working through those by directly editing in the media library (click on a pic and underneath it says edit image). I am not sure if you then need to go into each post and swap the pics over. It seemed to make a difference just having smaller pics in the media library. I hope that changing them here carries it through to the posts but I have a feeling it doesn’t. However, it does at least free up some space. I haven’t finished the job because it is ultimately a really dull thing to do (necessary if you want more space though). An original pic might be over 3000 x 2000 thingies (my old camera wasn’t this high). In edit of Pic Monkey there is a resize option. (For portrait) I knock back the 3000 to 900 and that creates a nice size image. I think some people go lower than that but it suits me. Phew!
        Thanks! I love Instagram, I hate Instagram. It is a time sucking blackhole and I’m probably trying way too hard to get people to like me. Feel like a desperado who needs to calm down a bit!! I am an addict. Haha 😀 x

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      2. Thank you so much for taking the time to convey all that information. I’ll give it a go next time I’m feeling up to it!
        I’m exactly the same on Instagram. Mostly I just have fun but I get sucked in to trying too hard and then I hate it!

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  5. I recently learned, by complete accident, if you go back and delete abunch of pictures from your WP media gallery….they leave also delete themselves in the post you added them too….I delete usless pictures and quotes from the gallery and that seems to help keep my storage…I see above that someone is doing that same thing only changing them into a different format….you can also go into your blog post and delete any that have no great importance to you….hope that helps…kat

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  6. I use blogger so I’m afraid I can’t help with the space thing, I do make all photos small 600 max in at least one direction using picmonkey which is supposed to help them load faster when people are looking though. I assume you use picmonkey (free and super easy)

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