8 thoughts on “May Day.

  1. Weedy lawns are still green and considered lawns….just saying…my lawn in California would not be a lawn if not for the weeks…LOL Got my book today….The Thrifty Forager….looking forward to reading it….will start in the norming on the deck as the sun comes up!!!! and Hooray Spring has Sprung and Summer is Here….WHOOOOOO HOOOOOOO

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      1. so far I am loving it….very interesting…thanks for the suggestion…and even better I bought it used off Amazon and it had someone else notes in it and lots of stuff underlined…I love it…its nice to see someone else love they put into the book….its all about writing in our books….LOL

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      2. Ah, I’m a teeny bit envious of those added notes! I love that too. I was reading it again last night and thinking that I might give the worst offenders here a good feed of nettles and dandelions and see if that sorts them out!


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