I can’t even write that word without humming along with Billy Joel in my head…everyone is so untruuuuue. 

I’ve had a week of disappointments and I am totally crap at dealing with disappointment. In fact, I’m most disappointed with the manner in which I have dealt with this week’s challenges. 

A lengthy conversation with a teacher led to a spirited conversation (read almighty row) with Teenage Son. 

The words ‘thank the gods that’s resolved’ had not quite left my mouth when Husband imparted some news that led to yet another spirited conversation. 

I’ve spent the day pulling dandelions which I can heartily recommend as an alternative to actually pulling one’s own hair out. 

I also dug out the poor dead Bay tree.  

What’s that in the background? Ah yes, that would be my dirty laundry…hung out for all the world to see. 

37 thoughts on “Honesty. 

  1. I want to bring you in for a group hug but you’ve made it impossible..
    I’m laughing too hard at the candid way you wrote this..

    Keep the humor, keep picking and tossing dandelions and you might just get to keep your sanity.. 💛

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      1. Darn, I was hoping you’d spare me a cup of sanity 😄

        In the last week I’ve been towed twice, had an electrical fire while driving ( reason for 2nd tow and repair shop thinks 1st shop rewired batteries wrong ) had a pretty stiff asthma, sat for 6 hrs in 94 f deg humid heat waiting on 2nd tow, only to be drenched by a thunderstorm cell that packed 60mph winds as tow truck driver and I dropped the trailer at a truckstop because 2nd shop didn’t have room for it, paid with my credit card at the counter for trailer drop fee, but the next night they wouldn’t take the fee over the phone, so I had to call dispatch for an express code they would accept via phone, which I did twice because the first one didn’t work.. To top it off, a few hours before I checked out of the hotel, I was adding up my receipts at the desk in my room and a spider hatched a brood of babies that began scurrying across the desk.. This was a nice hotel with no signs of bugs and that can happen anywhere but still, really ? It just had to be my room 😂.. Got to the truck and cleaned the fridge out throwing away 2 unopened packages of expensive cheese I’d just bought when I was broke down with first tow, along with the rest of the food in it.. I really liked the sample cheese I had at the store 😢

        Somehow cut and burned my thumb getting in the sidebox to blow out the wire on fire, my eyes and face were swollen for 2 days from the smoke, truck smells like burnt insulation ( that’s been fading since) right knee started acting up and Stewie picked up an eye infection along the way..

        But all in all, things could’ve turned out much worse for the events as they happened.. I’m grateful they weren’t 😄

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      2. Oh yeah, while first tow driver was under my truck dropping the drive shaft for towing, 2 of my 3 breakdown triangles were run over by an idiot in a semi.. The first triangle is placed 10 ft from back of trailer and that’s the one the idiot completely flattened.. So when I say I’m grateful for how things turned out, I mean it from the heart.. That idiot missed my trailer by inches and my truck by inches as he swerved to avoid collision.. When he clipped the 3rd triangle that is 250 ft back, it caught his attention.. That could’ve resulted in a tragedy had he lost complete control or run into the trailer or my truck..

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      3. That’s ok, we’ll just share that dandelion wine as we ride the crazy train 😄

        And yes, that near miss was the worse 3 seconds of the whole week.. I hadn’t had a terror moment like that in awhile..

        Starting my vacation at the end of the week and very much looking forward to it 😊

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  2. Oh sweetheart…wish I was there to hug you while we pulled out dandelions and drank champagne…a good bottle of champagne will set anything right again..and really does go with anything, even pulling dandelions…LOL…and you can hang your dirty laundry out anytime you like in my neighborhood sister…Have a Happy Mum’s Day…..XXXkat…

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  3. Deep breaths, Lynda. Hope these are momentary frustrations and nothing major. I find vigorous weeding, digging or pruning/lopping always help when I’m thoroughly ticked-off. Oh, and headphones. Xx

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    1. Thank you. Oh, lopping is the very best. It seemed minor and then suddenly retuned to major. Right now, the orchestra has left the stage and I’m left alone with a ringing in my ears. I haven’t tried headphones…what do you listen to?


      1. Anything from Alt-J to the Cocteau Twins, Bach to The Cure, Thomas Tallis to Primal Scream. I have very eclectic taste but there’s something for every mood! Hope calm and contentment is restored to you asap. x

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  4. My yard never looked better than when my two boys went through there teen years! Great place to think by yourself and calm down! Hope things are going better. Melanie (you can always count on some alone time when you’re weeding! :O) )

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