New Life To Pink Shirts.

Husband is not a fan of the pink shirt and yet, somehow, they continue to materialise in his wardrobe. There they live, quite undisturbed, for years. They might make a visit to their spiritual home (ie, my mother-in-law’s house) where they are greatly admired. Then, after a decent interval, they are quietly consigned to the storage container in the attic which bears the official title of ‘might-do-something-with-that-someday-box’.


I have a particular penchant for shirt fabric and nothing against pink. I described my easy-peasy and oh-so-satisfying method for converting shirts to cushion covers in this post: Cushion covers, sultanabun-style.


The other recycle I have attempted is a pinterest-inspired Dad’s shirt to Daughter’s dress conversion. You can check out the pin here.


Here’s some very lazy book-blogging for you as a bonus. Don’t bother reading this book (I’m not going to bother writing anything further about it).


As novice seamstress, I am proud of my handmade bias binding around the neckline and armholes. I managed to scrimp the bias-cut strips from the sleeves. Watching  The Great British Sewing Bee last night I learned that I did this arse-wise but it looks fine to me.


I like it and Small Girl likes it. Hopefully my mother-in-law will believe me when I tell her that the collar was frayed beyond repair ;-).

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