Tell me to let go.

Small Girl will spend her first hour in big school today. I’m reasonably confident that we won’t have a repeat of the pre-school first day fiasco.

She’s ready for this. She knows her letters and how to close a zip and how to open a banana. She’s good to go.

I’m ready too. I have plans.

This will be good.

Okay. We’re set.


Now, tell me to let go.first day of school, letting go, Ballymaloe walled garden.

20 thoughts on “Tell me to let go.

  1. Some the hardest days in my life….leaving my children at school and driving away….When I dropped my son off at kindergarten, I never left…ended up working in the classroom everyday….the teacher and I became great friends…LOL In the end I was the replacement secretary in the office when the regular gal needed time off..LOL I also did huge fundraisers for the school….so lets just say I went back to school Kindergarten to 3rd grade…LOL after that I was able to cut the string that held me there…I was working the nightshift, so I don’t think I slept during those years either…LOL My daughter from kindergarten on, didn’t want me to even get out of the car…LOL independent little thing….she was my scholar…ended up with a master and is actually flying to Oxford today to hang out at the Bodleian for 5 days soaking up the history of the place…she even stays at the school…LOL my son is just the opposite…in high school he figured out the least amount of time and work he had to do to graduate… no matter how much encouragement we gave him school just wasn’t his bag…LOL but he loved short courses so he is now a licensed electrician and loves working on NASA rockets and that kind of stuff…LOL who would of knew!!!! I know exactly how your feeling…..hugs kat

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      1. he loves it…he worked on some of the circuits for one of the space rockets/satellites they send up to collect data…he was donating his time to the one near his home…learned a lot and they paid for him to go some conventions and seminars….pretty proud of him…I still him as a 5 year old…LOL she should be somewhere over the Atlantic right now….so happy for both my kids…doing exactly what the want and loving it….how was the first day of school???

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      2. The first day was perfect. She loved every minute. It looks like there may only be eight girls in a class of 28 so that may get interesting.
        My dream is to reach a point where I can write that last sentence of yours! 🙂

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      1. It’s some of the best advice I ever got …. Gently release those strings until you realise you aren’t holding on any more the whole process so seamless and un resistant that they don’t notice they are flying. That and let them retreat to your cavernous pouch when they need to and don’t say a word! Courage, mummy bird 🙂

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  2. I hope it all went well. I remember that first day – the first few days – and my stomach still clenches and I catch my breath. It was this way with both daughters, until they started coming home with stories of the day, friends they were making, and things their teacher said.


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