Independence Day???

My plan for today’s post was tell you about my latest article for Family Summer Holiday Book Club I wrote about the success of our Family Summer Holiday Book Club (click here to read it).

I’m listening to the BBC news as I write and it’s difficult to think about anything else.


I’m saddened to hear that our family and friends across the pond seem to have drifted just a little farther away overnight. It seems that liberties and privileges we have taken for granted must now be rescinded. Looking on the bright side, I think I can look forward to visiting a eurozone Scotland.

I absolutely did not expect this result and I’m finding it very difficult to comprehend exactly what it all means.

Fortunately, Blogland is borderless.






18 thoughts on “Independence Day???

  1. Utterly shocking, entirely foolhardy and very frightening for the majority who either didn’t vote, couldn’t vote or voted to remain. The saddest thing is that it is the poorest who will suffer. A-bluddy-gain.

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    1. I agree. People seem to have believed that they were fighting with immigrants for resources when in fact those resources are going to now become far more expensive. I can’t quite get my head around it yet.

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      1. I feel for you, but sometimes it all works out in the end for the better….I have my fingers, legs, knees and whatever else I can cross for you all…..we are just as anxious over here…with Trump vs Hilary….one thing for sure is the US is in for change no matter…..and again, change can be good, but its always scary!!! xxxkat

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      2. we all shake our heads, none of us thought he would get this far….just shows me how ready the people are for a change no matter who and what the change is….I haven’t decided if I am going to vote this year….I suppose I need to cast my vote against him just to help keep him from getting in…but in all reality his hands will be tied just like Obama…the house and congress are who run the USA….politics makes my head ache…..your vacation looked like a lot of fun…..


      1. yes…I really am enjoying the descriptions of everything and everyone…I can close my eyes and see it…especially the ocean (pond) LOL we had several uncles who had ranches and ponds just like that….kat


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