Charlie’s Birthday Party.

Our lives are small.

We will take any excuse we get to dress for dinner on a Friday night.

Cockapoo groomed,

I think that strawberries and elderflower syrup should become a tradition on Charlie’s birthday.

elderflower syrup

Is prosecco over-doing it?

elderflower champagne

You have probably noticed that Charlie had a birthday haircut. It sometimes feels that I have two different dogs who work in 12 week shifts. He looks pitiful and he is refusing to sit down as the floor seems to be a bit cold on his, ahem, man bits. TMI?

Dog birthday cake

We humans needed cake too. Elderflower-macerated strawberries strewn over a buttery sponge. Yum.

elderflower macerated strawberry cake.

We need some party music for the day that’s in it:

The weekend has started as I mean it to continue.


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13 thoughts on “Charlie’s Birthday Party.

  1. Ahh happy Birthday charlie,they fill your life with unconditional love ,ive just lost my Archie a cocker spaniel ,and i miss him so much xx

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  2. Charlie looked quite dapper….red bow tie and all… the pictures…..perhaps a little pillow for the tush next time….the floor did look quite chilly…..and I have to agree with Fiona, may his nuts never be chilled…..LOL

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