The Wonder Woman List of Lunch Box Ideas.

Listen, loyal blog followers; I was commissioned to write an article about fun ideas for school lunch boxes. To be honest with you, simply being able to write that I was ‘commissioned to write‘ a grocery list would have been thrilling so this made me extremely happy. I wouldn’t have got this far if you lovely people hadn’t clicked that little follow button and been so beautifully generous with your comments.


I pride myself on being honest here so I am going to ‘fess up and tell you that I shall be strolling down to the corner shop in a minute. I shall buy a lovely pan of O’Keeffe’s thick-sliced white bread (it’s a Cork thing) and a few slices of ham and then I will make five rounds of plain old ham sandwiches for the first day back-to-school tomorrow. To complement that stroke of originality, I shall add an apple to each box. Call me retro.

Two of my children will, without complaint, eat whatever I put in their boxes. One never eats his lunch regardless of how much time, effort and imagination I invest in it. Small Girl won’t eat anything other than a ham sandwich. Putting those three facts together, there is only one logical conclusion.


That said, the ideas are good and the ANZAC biscuit recipe really is our favourite lunchbox treat. If I saw this article on-line, I would save it, maybe even print it off and stick it to the fridge for those days when I want to feel like Wonder Woman. I genuinely wish I could be the woman who packs these lunch boxes…

It begins like this:

So you’ve kitted out your children with new school clothes, shoes and sports gear. You’ve covered their books, re-filled their pencil cases and invested in four dozen hair elastics. You’re good to go, right?

Not quite. Time to face the lunchbox…Click to read on.

7 thoughts on “The Wonder Woman List of Lunch Box Ideas.

  1. Somehow I missed this post….I read it in bookwhitty, I would like to hire you to make all my personal lunches, just rotate through….I eat around noonish…I can return the dishes cleaned to be refilled…LOL what kid wouldn’t want your lunches….so pretty and full of healthy food….I got off lucky, both my kids worked in the kitchens at the school and got to eat whatever for free…LOL in fact my son got paid a small wage in high school, he made about 100$ a month, his personal mad money…LOL love your ideas….and I just wrote the biscuit recipe down….they look yummy…hope school is going well for all your kids….they have started all ready???? kat

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