Ermmmmm, can’t think of a title.

I walked the dog and beat the rain home. That’s no small victory.

Sometimes, while I’m walking the dog or driving the car, the maelstrom of words in my head coalesce into some sort of communicable formation. I stride to the kettle then, eager to brew a coffee and regale you with my wit and insight. There are days when I almost reach for a second mug, so sure am I that you are there in the corner chair.

I don’t see a screen those days. I see you spreading jam on your scone.

I don’t hear the keys click those days. I hear you say, ‘you know the way…’

Other days, lately, I tap tap tap and see myself reflected back in tiny words.

Hall table, autumn display and nature table.

Teenage Daughter thinks it’s time to take her school art project off the hall table. I am steadfastly refusing.

My blogging achievement this week was taking a new ‘shelfie’ for my blog header. Scroll back up there and revel for a moment in all that Autumnal bounty.

The hedgerows are wonderful at the moment, teeming with chirruping birds and laden with hips, haws and berries. It’s like a mad grand finale to the summer with all the stars taking a final bow. I walk along the path like the Queen meeting the cast, nodding and muttering ‘jolly good show.’

And the words flutter in the wind and fall about me.

I laid out some pickings on the chess board, thinking I might attempt an arty flat-lay photograph.

acorn, hypericum, crab apples, Nigella

I was even contemplating running upstairs for Granny’s vintage (aka useless) scissors. They always have vintage scissors in those pictures, don’t they? And die-cast cars and marbles. Anyway, the dog pointed to the futility of my artistic notions.

Charlie stealing from my nature table

I plonked back into an armchair, flat-lay-less and wordless.

I have been staring at a flashing cursor for five ten fifteen minutes now. Time to stop.

Charlie, the world's cutest Cockapoo.

18 thoughts on “Ermmmmm, can’t think of a title.

  1. Don’t stop. Your thoughts and word are most enjoyable. When I am ‘in my head’, driving or doing something that precludes my writing, I often feel brilliant with the words flowing all around. However, when with pen in hand or cursor flashing and the opportunity to write presents itself, II somehow do not feel so brilliant……

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  2. There are always vintage scissors in flat lay!! I’m guilty of having pictures with a Hotwheels car in them but that’s because there are so many of them in the house. And (on occasion) one boy or another has asked me to include them in my pictures!
    Your daughter’s artwork is very Giacometti!

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  3. Lovely photos! Some days are just like that, aren’t they? Some days it flows effortlessly, and other days housework seems more appealing… oh, that cupboard that needs organizing, and the tops of bookshelves need dusting… I say, just go with it. 🙂

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  4. Love your shelfie…..I can’t set an autumn table, shelf or spot due to the fact I would have to order oak tree leaves and nuts on line, let alone with anything else green and real…LOL I might want to put on my mantel, so to speak…I have found some pumpkins and gourds….I guess that will have to do this year…LOL I am sure you will get your mojo back….nothing wrong with taking a mental break…..have you ever heard of “the artist way” by Julia Cameron…??? its a workbook to help unlock your mind…its pretty interesting actually….just a thought….welcome to fall….kat

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    1. I would send you some acorns but I don’t think customs allow you to send plant material through the post. Pumpkins are still quite a novely for us. When I was little we only had turnips for Jack O’Lanterns which was much harder work!


      1. LOL I would have to say so…I love pumpkins….I take the sweet baking ones and peel it, cube it and roast it….love it in everything…give me a root to eat and I am a happy girl….are you growing pumpkins in your garden..??kat


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